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Filters for online matches

IDEA: filter the online matches according to the available parameters, for example, I always play auto setup, classic world map, and fixed card bonus.

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Yes! It's a challenge scrolling through the games. It often resets me to the start before I've gone through the list of available matches

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I would like to play against higher level opponents to help me advance in level instead of being forced into matches against novices and losing a ton of points. There have been times I've been unable to back out of a match before the person running it starts it.

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I like the idea of having the option to combine the filters with the "Automatch" feature. You could set your parameters, press the automatch button, then if there is game in queue with that specific criteria you will automatically join it. If there isn't a game, then it can automatically create a new game with those settings. The best of both worlds. However, I still think that having the ability to filter the games in queue, separate from the "Automatch" button is worthwhile, just in case you are willing to compromise on certain parameters if it means starting a game sooner by joining one with a couple of players already waiting.

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Absolutely needed and also for rank matching as well. It takes so much time and patience booting everything expert and below for me.


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 I agree with Trevor, I would much prefer such an option for "Automatch".

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This is a great idea! One concern is the number of available games, though. Are there enough games available at any one time to be deadly specific? (Classic Map, Max 4 Players, No Bots, Fixed, Manual; is what I like to play!)

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Level of oponents should be chosen by algorythm . Rest i totally agree.

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Because then everybody would start their own games and not join others.
I've seen this many times where there are 20+ games created and I start cycling through them to find "my match":
  1. I find that many games are the same.
  2. Takes time to cycle them all.
  3. The list refresh itself (go back to the beginning) when a new game gets created or one fills up and starts. (Very frustrating to have to cycle through them again).


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Some like to sort/filter on maps, some like to playtime 60/90/120 etc, some on the card progressive etc.

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Agree... you the host, set the terms of play...3m,6, whatever...level of difficulty, and number of players....I see your point about others not joining... ok, maybe you allow the host to manipulate a replacement of a player but not add a new player or discharge a player as such....(meaning he is discharging waiting for a friend or for him to join on another device he owns).... don’t know exactly how to do it, but some version of this concept I believe will help tremendously
As long as you can select as many or as little filters as you like, or none.
Then this begs the question, why would you want to search for a game in the first place when you can set one up yourself?
Yes, game filter is a MUST! At times there are almost over 100++ games online and players have to scroll up/down to search for available games or games that they prefer, which is a complete waste of time. Make game filter available based on the different citeria available as in the settings like map choice, auto/manual, turn timer, progressive/fixed etc plus "any" option along with each citeria. So example a player looking to play in a USA map with 120s auto with either progressive or fixed can filter by USA/120s/auto/any and this would saved so much unnecessary time to scroll up/down. Please implement game filtering soon, it is really so troublesome to keep scrolling to search for available games online that one prefer.
Taylor, if you are going to be that specific, might as well start your own game. Yes the more parameters you select the harder it will be to find a match.
Oups! I've seem to have duplicated this request... Sorry, how did I miss it?
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