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Smaller dropdown alerts/notifications

IDEA: Make the red/yellow/beige dropdown notifications smaller, so they occupy less screen space.

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I find they are left on the screen too long... How about a way to dismiss them?

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Michel, you can already tap or swipe them to dismiss (for an alliance request, you can tap anywhere to dismiss, not just the X button). Is that not working for you?

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This is by far the most annoying feature of the game; giant banners that cover 1/3 of the screen. When I'm busy attacking I do not want to get bombarded by banners that I have to swipe away, especially if I'm attacking an area the banner now covers. When time matters, I don't want my time wasted dealing with banners. I've looked in the settings in vain more than once for a toggle to make the banners smaller. I have played in more than one game where players specifically bombard me with requests to slow me down. Not fun when it happens.
I absolutely agree with Dany. Opponents try to stall you by sending multiple alliance requests during your turn. Even if you ignore them, it slows you down, and that shouldn't be part of the game. Another suggestion would be to put "ignore alliance requests" in the option menu.

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