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Undo feature during Deploy phase

IDEA: Allow player to undo their troop deployment and start again during deployment phase.

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Undo it once

Yes, there should be a "Back" or "Undo" button on all the Deploy and Fortify phases

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I don't care for this idea, but curious how you think it could be implemented?

- You place a troop, next player quickly places a troop, you hit undo and undo yours and the next players.

- Would you want a "Submit" button, so you can undo before going to next players?

Trying to understand exactly how & when you would click undo without having to hit "Submit" after each troop placement, which would be very annoying. 

This would come in to play after the game has properly started - not during the initial setup phase

It could be like risk factions were there is a + and - troop during the draft. You place a troop during a draft and decide you want it else where you can press the - to undo it.
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