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Advanced 'canned' chat/commands for alliances and opponents

IDEA: this is not free chat. This is 'canned' list of commands/chat to improve communication for alliances and opponents. Right now, we only allow 'Let's attack <player name>' commands, which are limited.

For example, some ideas to communicate with your ally:

  • 'Go ahead, OK to take my territory'.
  • Let's take out <insert continent name>.
  • Let's steal continent bonus from <insert player name>!
  • Face palm - why didn't you attack <insert player name>?

This could also include additional emoji expressions e.g. chicken, face palm...

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Why limit chat? If you are sitting at an actual board game you can talk freely.

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Steve, there's a lot we have to consider about letting player talk freely. For example:

  • we would not enable it for under 13 players. 
  • Also, while many of the community requested for live chat when we first listed it in the FAQ section, a surprising number voted against it.
  • It can sometimes lead to bullying/clique behaviour online.
  • It can be lots of fun, helps strategy, and promotes team building.

Canned chat, as an alternative to fee chat, would still allow much more effective and varied communications than the few emojis we currently have and be appropriate for our younger players.

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It would be great if there were an option to ask your allies to attack specific countries as well.

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I would like advanced communication between players but not full on chat. So you could send requests to players to either Attack, Defend or Move troops To or From specific territories. This feature would only be allowed once players are in alliance. Since there are a lot of countries, you would first chose the continent, then country that your request involves.

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I'd like to see full chat. The original board game is designed with talking in mind as a key aspect of gameplay, so I don't see why people who pay money to play the game should be babied and not allowed to talk. Truth be told, the majority of people who play risk are probably over 13 and pretty sensible anyway, it's Risk, not Clash of Clans (which allows full chat, but that's beside the point).

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I like this in lieu of full chat. I agree on bullies or the select few who have potential to ruin full chat. I would add that the advanced commands could maybe be categorized so that you can offer more of them, yet making them easier to navigate. Sub menus if you will. Thanks for listening. Or alternatively allow to report abuse of full chat.

Hi Joel, yes we like this too. If we move forward with this, we'll set up a form for players to submit requests for specific canned chat that they'd like to see in the game. You guys have been amazing with suggestions on how we can make the game better so far. –Lee@SMG.

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If you guys keep the timer tied to chat it would limit any worries about bulling and excessive chat 120 secs is barely enough time to get in a handful of attacks and fortify.
I know everyone wants a full chat, but maybe this can be implemented at least for a while until live chat is worked out. Plus I think if there were enough canned responses, it may be sufficient

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