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Setting to turn dice rolling animations on/off

IDEA: game setting to allow player to turn on/off the dice animation when rolling single, 2 or 3 dice for faster attacks.

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The games take very long. Any way that could make them a little faster is a must in my book.

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A game setting to disable any other animations too. Even if I have a acceptably fast phone (OnePlus 3T), the game still feels very slow and laggy. Even on my MacBookPro (via BlueStacks) the animations still feel bad and slow. I will test on iPhone 7 one of these days too. I hope feature to disable animations could improve that.

By the way the most annoying thing is when you open the players or cards screen and close it, It should be way smoother and faster.

And don't get me wrong, the game is amazing and I would love to get these small annoying details away so I can enjoy it completely.

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