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Special bonus for holding a continent

IDEA: Special bonus awarded for holding a continent. For example (and these are just ideas):

  1. With the increased difficulty for holding Continents, their troop bonus value increases, e.g. Asia goes from 7 to 8, Australia from 2 to 3, etc. 
  2. Holding specific territories for a high number of turns give you extra attack capabilities e.g. attack any coastline. 
  3. If you hold Eastern US, Middle East, or South Africa, all card turn-ins provide 3 extra armies. 

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No bonuses are already in place.

Hi Steve, this about creating alternative rules. We'd always have our current 'Classic' Hasbro rules.

I like the idea of the longer you hold a continent the more troops you get from it.
That leaves other players who start of in a bad position consistently in a bad position for the whole game. The moment as one person gains a stronghold, the game is pretty much won. You already get bonus troops when controlling a continent, thus meaning creating a secure border gets easier, and consistently getting more troops. Perhaps on very large maps, this may be the case where it would be nice as an added feature. But in cramped maps like these, I personally think it wouldn't be ideal.
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