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Show territory names on the map

IDEA: When a player zooms in, show the territory names. Also show the territory names of attacking and defending territories when in battle mode with the dice.

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Yes! I don't know all the maps and when you got cards to cash in, I don't know where the 2 bonus armies are going.

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And I don't know the geography of a fictional pirate map! They need this badly, because shape is almost always not enough.

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I added this request last week too.

Important to know where +2 resources go!

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Put a star or special shading in areas when you hold a territory card for it.

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This would be good.

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Good idea

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Doing this in Zoom Mode is Brilliant and Simple to do... and if you use numbers to enhance ID?!! OK!!!! STARS with core color showing who owns that card and frame color to show current occupant ala emoji,  or ❎ or ⛯ or ⛥ or !!@ Custom Emojis are simple ... include in background surface. Emojis for marketing the game could be cool too

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For small islands it would be hard to put the names on the territory,so they should probably just highlight the territory your card is for.
Actually scratch that, just have an X put on the country your carday is for.

Just to let you all now, this feature is almost finished and will be in the next update, due for release early Feb. Thanks –Lee@SMG

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Learn your geography!
Use star not X.
It would be nice. How ever, if we are able to control where we put our bonus troops, that would make this irrelevant
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