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Fantasy (elves, dwarves, orcs etc) map pack & RISK theme

IDEA: New RISK maps, avatars and theme based on Fantasy theme inspired by Lord of the Rings' Middle-earth. Think elves, dwarves, hobbits, Orcs, Dragons...

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Would added rules from the LOTR version be included like: Fellowship carries ring to mordor based on turns and dice rolls Special cards that have other bonuses in addition to territory cards
Needs to be more generic and can't copy to avoid license infringement, but I like this idea. Each color should get some unique units with different abilities.
New fantasy units: Dwarf = +1 highest defense die Elf = +1 highest attack die Dragon = +1 all rolls Wizard = collect 1 extra card on turn end if captured territory Tower/stronghold = +1 all defense rolls, +1 arey at start of turn in that territory
Maybe have a tower/ structure attached to one territory in each region, with bonuses for capturing that territory.
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