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Assassins, spies, steal troops & more - Special RISK Cards

IDEA: New Game mode with special move/bonus cards that change up gameplay e.g.

  1. Reinforcements (extra troops)
  2. Spies (eliminate cards from your opponent or block their spy car)
  3. General (add extra attack dice or +1 to dice roll)
  4. Marshall (add extra defence dice or +1 to dice roll)
  5. Admiral (transport troops from coast to attack any other territory on the coast)
  6. Diplomat (force a truce with player)Propagandist (steal troops from opponents)
  7. Bombardier (deals extra heavy damage through artillery strike)
  8. Assassin (take out opponent troops)
  9. Marksman (attack non-adjacent territories from a distance (1-2 territories away).A soldier skilled in precision shooting using projectile weapons.

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I feel like this addition would be better as a new game mode as to not alienate players that wouldn't like the change maybe make it a new turn on/off game setting

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Justin this would definitely be a new game mode, separate to the existing "classic" mode. I've updated the description to reflect this.

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Add a card that temporarily builds a wall around a border of connected territories for 1 or 2 turns as a form of defense. Cant attack out or in???

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Yes it would be nice to to be able to toggle this feature on and off

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Sergio - great idea! This could be calked the Marksman card, a soldier skilled in precision shooting using projectile weapons. I've added this to the list of ideas. We'll take this into consideration with the team. –Lee@SMG

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Maybe a card to attack a player but they won't know who used it againt them maybe the action could take place after the last player took their turn or before the player you targeted takes theirs maybe call it special forces card or something. I bought premium I love this game keep up the good work guys .

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I support but this will be a whole new game, not Risk.

Here is another idea for a special card, Paratroopers. What this card would do is basically like the name implys. You could set a certain amount (or a random amount decided by the game) of troops to go and attack any opponents’ territory and could even conquer the territory if possible. Now my idea is how the troop amounts work. If you can choose the amount then I think it would be during the draft phrase from your own troop count. But if the amount is decided by the game at random then you play this card during attack phase instead. (There are actually several ways this could also work that I can think of but I would like to see how everyone else think of this idea and maybe have any comments on this idea)
Can we do this but give us the option of what cards we can get? Use the general admiral cards but not the others. Use just the marksmen and assassins?

Aggetator (Force an opponent attack that occurs during their turn)

I think the spy card should allow you to peak at a players cards and alliances while the assassin card should be able to take away another players card.

So this is like the original castle risk
Marksman card, great idea but would you able to take out a territory with one troop, bypassing boards defensives, player does get continent card. ?
Seems a bit too complicated
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