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Color blind option for RISK players and territory colors

IDEA: Add a settings option for color-blind players to easily distinguish between green and yellow, and blue and purple colour schemes used for players and map territories. 

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Red-green colourblind here chiming in. This is a deal breaker for me. An option for 6 player-defined team colours is the way to go.

This is great I am colour blind and the yellow and green is an issue. How about yellow, red, white, dark blue, grey 5hese would not be an issue

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A decent short term partial solution would be to make the 4th, 5th, and 6th armies Purple, Green, and Orange (In that order).  Orange, Red, and Green are all very similar for red-green color-blindness (the most common).  The colors that you chose for yellow and green are identical.

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Chiming in here.  Also agree Red, Yellow, Blue great for most "colorblind" people.  To these add Black and White for very clear delineation. 6th color a bit tougher but grey would probably be best choice.  Color combinations are what give us the most trouble.  Yellow and Green look similar.  Blue and Purple as well and of course Orange and Red are hard to tell apart.

It's fixed now with the update they just did, much better now. I can actually tell the colors apart now. THANK YOU!!!
So I just found this option on Android, shouldn't this proposal be marked as implemented?
I have to be red. On new games I am changed to blue which I cannot see. How do I stay red, which I am on the othe other maps?

I appreciate having the different shaped pucks when in color blind mode. even so I could still use help relating the pucks to the avatars in the right hand margin. I'm red/green color challenged. even tho my monitor color richness settings are very high; orange, red, yellow, and green can be very hard to distinguish in game. that causes occasional errors. it also slows me down enough to affect me in timed play. 

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