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Color blind option for RISK players and territory colors

IDEA: Add a settings option for color-blind players to easily distinguish between green and yellow, and blue and purple colour schemes used for players and map territories. 

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Thank you thank you thank you. Just started playing and was surprised this wasn't already in the game. The colors are indistinguishable. Looking forward to the fix!!
I am colorblind. the colors are all far too similar! Im glad this is being looked at.
Great idea. Constant struggle in most my board games and now online. Red Black White Yellow Blue ... possibly silver or a pink thats way off the shade of red.
Anythibg that levels out the playing field for all is welcome
I'm glad others brought this up, as red/green color blind the yellow, green ,and orange are extremely similar. I agree if each color had a corresponding pattern, or for me I have less issues if the colors are basic, maybe an option to remove the filter and use just primary colors that may help. I love the game but would love it more if it was easier to see. Thanks!
They obviously don't care, should be a simple fix and they've had numerous updates.  I've all but quit playing the game now due to the difficulty.


Any idea when this option might be made available?

The colors blue, red, yellow, black, white, gray, gold, silver should all be good colors that I should be able to tell apart.

I have the same problem.  For me its like playing only two players when I know there are actually 5.  Please make a colorblind option available soon.  Perhaps even adding patterns (like on the old Macintosh version- i.e. strips, checkers, etc.) Thank you!

is this an ADA issue? Please fix asap.
I have the same problem. I hope it will be fixed, because I love the game and I'd like to fully enjoy it; without mixing green and yellow players :D Thank you!
A year later still no colorblind mode...?

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Yeah, I was pretty excited about the requests for feedback and improvements they planned to make for this game. But they seem to have given up on improving the game. It is odd that they’d seek feedback if they were not ever going to act on it.
This is a great idea. I have a terrible time distinguishing yellow and green but sometimes orange depending on the lighting. I have no issues with red, blue, or purple. I definitely have lost some games also because of this. Making the yellow brighter would most likely solve the issue because most who are colorblind have trouble with lighter shades of yellow and green, like in the online game.
I would like it if you vary the greyscale for each color that way they are distinguishable without color, which is what a fully colorblind person needs.
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