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RISK Team battles

IDEA: a new RISK game mode where players battles as teams, either 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3. Teams win together instead of single player victories.

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I think we should play as Alliance with players and in the pass play mode.
I vote strongly to pass this featurewould help and change team play and bring in even more players and competition


What I want is just to add friends easily in global dominations and play with random people also, that’s it 

I hardly support. Suddenly Risk is like a Pixel Gun or LOL without teams. Make this happen.

They need 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 team games would be fun to play because u can play with ur friends with out them saying ur cheating when ur not

Well, you'd still have the unfair advantage of outside communication when playing against a team of random players.

It would be good but if this is implemented it should have a separate leaderboard and ranking board. To avoid cheating/boosting up the leaderboards.
So 5 years and you still thinking about it?

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Lets go

Up ! 

Really need this team mode to play with friend, it is obviously necessary and can give another dimension at this strategic game ^^

I just discover Risk for 1 month and love it but already get temporary banned for playing with friend...

Warning was not clear enough, I thought that playing with friend was not allowed in ranked mode only, so we play in casual mode to avoid this, but always playing with fair spirit.

I understand that playing with friend can be unfair if player practice ganking, but we love playing with friends and playing against bots is not interesting at all...

To conclude : a team mode will be really great !

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