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Capital RISK game mode

IDEA: This is RISK with a twist based on the 1993 Capital RISK rules, and makes for a faster, intense game.

Each player has a "capital" in one of the initially occupied territories. The player to capture all capitals wins. Any troops and territories that belong to the losing nation are turned over to the victor. Capital Risk often leads to much shorter games.

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I played the capitals version on the pc game Risk II. Your not out if you lose your capital. Capitals earn an extra 1 or 2 armies at the beginning of your turn. You select your capital after armies are placed. Nobody can see where you placed it until game play begins. This can work with random or placed armies. Depending on # of players, you have to conquer all or most capitals to win. All other rules are the same! For small maps with few geographical boundaries it could make the game a lot more interesting and strategic. Its good on large maps too. Getting a small bonus reinforcements gives incentive to hold your capital but also to conquer others. We need this!
I dont like the idea of being knocked out and turning over your armies and territories if your capital is captured. Way too lopsided. Gives incentive to pile all armies on your capital every turn for defense. Then you end up with a stalemate. Or 1 player gets lucky and owns half the world in one turn. Way too much variance! Check out capital version on Risk II the pc game. That version works really well!
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