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RISK spectator mode after I'm defeated

IDEA: If I'm defeated in an online multiplayer game and there are other players remaining, a defeated player should have the option to remain as a spectator to continue watching. 

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate this!
I hope I won't need that feature much.

As some of you may now know. We have just released an update that includes spectator mode. Enjoy!

- Phillip@SMG

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Implemented today - and works perfectly! 

Thanks SMG! 

Its a great idea
Absolutely, nothing better than watching the overcommitted dumb ass lose because he thought it'd be a great idea to attack you while mr 3 continents watches and laughs at you doing the work for him.

Good news, everyone!

Of course we didn't abandon this really cool idea!
We have a first version of the spectator mode ready for internal testing. Looks good so far :)

If all runs smoothly, you can expect the spectator mode in the next 4-5 weeks!

- Johann@SMG

I agree, would love to see the whole match

Any news on this update guys?

Also you are not able to upvote this topic. It goes to a page not found webpage 
I think spectating games is a great option, glad it's popular with everyone and that it will be added in future. I noticed if I don't back out of a game right away that I can see who's winning troops, so hopefully this will be implemented as planned in the near future. Also it would be nice if you could watch a friend's game as well and join as a spectator through your friends list.

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It's been 3 months since ETA given was 3 months or sooner. Is there an update on the ETA? 1 more month, 6 more, next year? Thanks.

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Alot of these players have no back bone. When I ask for a alliance normally it's good till the end . Notice alot like to ask than hit you . I wonder if they even know what a allaince means. Lol.
I haven't seen that.
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