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Obvious cheating occurring between Jordan Mac 3 and either 1 or both of these screen names- Vaughn Mcpunch 4, Vance the Poet 3.

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I set up a 4 player game with two expert computer AI's and auto set up. I then wait for a human player to join. Very rarely do I get another GM but then we are a rarer breed although I think it should be harder to obtain the title and like in chess in real life, once awarded its awarded for life. It's annoying losing three in a row and getting bumped down to Master! 
I have been playing this game on a daily basis for about 3 months and I have not witnessed a single case of cheating. Are you guys on android devices? I’m on iOS (iPad), I am trying to figure out how it can be so frequent for some when I haven’t seen it once.
It's rife I don't play any grandmaster now as the game is always spoiled by the grandmaster operating 2 armies

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Cheaters typically host own game. If you always host your own you are much less likely to run into them. That is probably the reason you haven’t seen it yet.

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SectaOne good point! I usually host my own games so maybe that’s why I haven’t seen it. Looks like I will continue hosting if cheating is widespread.
Best way to play. At least you know what against.
Tillman hedges 9 knows how to add extra armies. Cheater I played against today.
This person made it so obvious that they are the same person. I watched after they both double teamed me. They are both GMs. When it was down to just the two player profiles, the one that was obviously much stronger and had over 3/4 of the map covered, moved all his armies back and just let the other destroy all of his members. The two player profile names are: (GM) Scout Poppins 3 and (GM) Abraham Deadeye 10. Do not play with these two! SMG needs to do something about them! So obvious, sad, and pathetic.
Hey Bryans307 first thing first it wasn’t one player with two accounts it was two players with each own account so don’t post false accusations with out knowing. Him and I were in alliance with each other we became friend in the game. P.S. stop your crying learn the game grow up or just don’t play.
First of all, Abraham Deadeye, You can lie on here all you like. There was no alliance, and it was just you playing two player profiles. I did a lot of digging on social media to confirm my suspicions. So stop trying to use this platform to lie to others. It’s funny how they other profile you used was deleted after I figured you out. You are a pathetic loser that has to play two profiles in order to win and make yourself feel good! Sorry excuse of a human! I have proudly served my country (USA) as a Marine in combat, and so your little insults don’t bother me at all. You are just mad that I found you out. It was no alliance buddy and you got caught being a pathetic, weasel and a sorry excuse of a person that has to try and make himself feel better by CHEATING, ABRAHAM DEADEYE. ** Note: Stop all your correspondence to this, or there will be consequences.

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@Bryan307 Please be respectful when speaking to people on these forums regardless of you think of them. Hostility toward other players can have your forum account deleted and possibly your RISK account banned. 

Likewise. to everyone else posting here. We respect you posting the names of those you think are cheaters, but please be respect and refrain from hostile language.


- Phillip@SMG

Hi phillip@SMG. At no time did I use foul language. I understand and agree with you about not using any foul or profane language against anyone else. Also, my comments were NOT hostile to that player. After reading his comments about me where he called me names, I simply told him what I thought of him. I still feel that way and I think it is wrong for you to single me out in this forum when he said to me “stop Your crying” and “grow up” or “don’t play”. I felt disrespected by his comments and was offended. He also accused me of being dishonest and that is a big problem for a US Marine veteran that holds his integrity very high. Also, I have put through a formal complaint through SMG against this player but still have not heard any response back. Although I probably agree that I could of handled his comments made to me, I don’t feel I was hostile, threatening,or used any foul language. I will follow your comments and will watch any future comments I make in this forum. This still does not negate the fact that he is a cheater and used this forum to make disrespectful comments to me for outing him to make others aware. I apologize for saying some of the comments I said about him being pathetic and things like that. I should of handled that better and I assure you I won’t stoop down to that level again, even if I’m being atagonized by someone like him. Thank you for your time. Respectfully Submitted.

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I've only ever played against players higher rank than expert who are cheaters. And by cheating I don't mean getting more troops or cards by a code or something. I mean playing with a 2nd device to use multiple players to conquer the map. Obviously when you have 2 people that never attack, and then when it's down to just them 2 they ignore spectators to cover the fact they are humans still playing and didn't quit before game was ended. I challenge any real players to not do this. My biggest pet peeve is people who cheat or need some advantage for games.
Holy hell. @bryans307... cheaters piss me off too. But the situation you just described is not obvious cheating. If I have an alliance, and it gets down to the final 2, and I am significantly overmatched with no chance of winning, I often throw the white flag and reatreat all my players. I do this to speed the game up and end it, rather than needlessly drag the game out for another 10 minutes. The guy defended himself and just told you to stop crying. And you went waaaaay overboard. Quit the BS about him insulting or offending you. Read what you wrote dude. Being a vet doesn’t give you a free pass to be an aggressive a-hole. Take a Xanax man. Jesus.
Tyler, you have no idea what you are talking about nor do you know what happened. It was cheating. The one guy had almost the entire board and after he eliminated all other players with both player profiles, he then retreated his men back, when he owned almost the whole map, just to let the other profile come back and destroy him. I’ve seen this before and this happens when you are cheating. Tyler, I would not doubt that you are Abraham Deadeye and just logged in as another email address. Talk about going waaaay too far. You use profane language and insulted me. SMG just put out a warning about this. I mentioned that I am a vet because I was being accused of being a liar and to a USMC vet, their integrity means everything to them. Sorry if I used to big of words for you to understand that in my past messages. Sorry if you have never experienced that kind of honor and personal respect outside of your mothers basement. Also, I even apologized for anything I may of said wrong and admitted that I should of handled it better. I think maybe you should re-read the posts in here. You are just trying to jump on the bandwagon so that you have something to post on here. Please don’t post anything further to me. I don’t wish to have any further correspondence (that means writing) with you. If you had something productive to say, that would of been fine but you just wanted to use profanity and call names. Maybe you take illegal unprescribed Xanax medication, but I don’t and never have so stop trying to push medications onto others. That’s what drug dealers do. I’m not interested in anything else you have to say! SMG: This Tyler person has used profane and hostile language that you have warned about not doing in here. Can you please remove him from these posts. Thank you. I will continue to follow your warning to everyone.
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