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Hi, I recently paid up and went premium. I'm not happy however when I start a game and see someone with 2000 ( yes two thousand ) troops. I have taken a screenshot of this. Sort it out please.
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Yes I agree. I enjoy this game and don't mind the alliance-making in order to trick you (have been burned too many times - but that is the game) but the game is ruined by this kind of cheating. There has to be some way for you to apply the rules you stipulate.

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troubling centaur3862 & Brent Parker  is a blatant cheater clearly running two accounts used the brent parker account to attack me every turn regardless of how obvious it was that it didn't help his cause i.e. 5 troops vs 25 just to weaken me for the other account this ruins the game 

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I played against someone today who started off with 999 troops.
Stu Thunder, 15 minutes ago and player attacked no one and added 10 men to the board each round from the beginning. Blue player, Asian lady icon.
Happened to me today. He added 15 troops the first few turns. Then 5th turn gave him self 500 and kept going up from there.. I can live with the teaming up but that just blatantly add thousands of troops and give no one else a chance how is that even fun for them. I really like this game a lot but that part needs to be fixed please see images attached

The Hell! How can people do that... and why isn't SMG doing anything to stop it?

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After a week of playing I've come to the conclusion that the game is corrupt and you can't beat certain people who just want to cheat.  Such a shame because it's otherwise a great game.


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I had several cases of people having 2 - and in one case 3 (GM) - accounts, that covertly, until a point and pretty obviously at the end assisting a player to win. After loosing I became a spectator and I saw the fake one just sitting back and getting beaten by the other one.

Several things can been done for this to stop:
1) Have a validation system for those who host to be able to have the option to accept only validated players
2) Have a player "ban" system similar to the "friend" system
3) Have an in game forum
4) Have a player to player rating system
5) Have a way to report a game that you believe cheating took place
6) Have a well defined official set of  rules of what constitutes fair play and what is cheating
That is what I have come up with, I'm sure people can add more and better suggestions than these but for sure something needs to be done!!!
Personally I am disgusted to see "Experts" and "GMs" out there who can't play RISK to save their life!!!


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I agree. Raul Andres Torres just used some kind of game exploit against me. I am in mid turn about to take his 2 troops with my 19 when the game "disconnects". After several retries, it reconnects and I now have -17 troops and he has 19. Clever, but pointless. I exited the game. I expect it is some social reject who has no other way to feel pride than to exploit a game for ranking. Sad, really. SMG should definitely put controls in place to prevent this. It is easy enough, technically and shameful that they aren't trying to fix it. I definitely agree with the player rating idea and the ability to report cheating within the game.

Dude, that wasn't anybody cheating... it was caused by SMG not being able to code an online game that can stay reliably connected lol!

They have promised to solve this issue soon - lets see if they do...

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This person made it so obvious that they are the same person. I watched after they both double teamed me. They are both GMs. When it was down to just the two player profiles, the one that was obviously much stronger and had over 3/4 of the map covered, moved all his armies back and just let the other destroy all of his members. The two player profile names are: (GM) Scout Poppins 3 and (GM) Abraham Deadeye 10. Do not play with these two! SMG needs to do something about them! So obvious, sad, and pathetic.

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I have played 10 games as of today. I have to say, the cheating with multi accounts, (I am assuming this, because there is no strategy for the people playing that only has the intention of constant attacks only against you, while the other "player" sits back and stockpiles armies, waiting for you to survive a mindless constant attack by the bum account. Any person that knows the game, knows that there is once in a while...coincidences, then there is the obvious. The site is infested to say the least. Sorry individuals for sure.

Old Smiling 12 and Stefsterk if you saw them in a game just dodge,the guys probably cheating,the one is stockpile armies on front of you and he try to weaken you when the other just expand his troops to conquer more continects.
I play with them before and they follow the classic cheating setup stefsterk has the Africa to take extra troops to weaken and block me from farm territory cards when the old smiling takes Europe North and South America and attacks only me this wasn't a match of course but a clown fiesta i try to play the game but is really ridiculous that we don't have the basic like in game reports because it's rally painfull every time to take screenshots open tickets and send emails.

If you want my opinion a 1st and good step to fight cheating is to remove RISK accounts cause i noticed that the most times i was victim of cheat the one was a real profile with real photo and name and the other was a RISK account RISK accounts is very easy to make them every time you want to cheat just clearing game cache and the game reseting when you start it so the cheater with 2 simple steps he can has every time new account to cooperate and cheat in game.

Aw and sorry for my english :D peace and love to all

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