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Obvious cheating occurring between Jordan Mac 3 and either 1 or both of these screen names- Vaughn Mcpunch 4, Vance the Poet 3.

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I've been racking my brain on this. How are people able to create a game with their armies already in place, each having locked up Australia and South America AND not allow me to draft? How and why would a game allow members to set up the board for unsuspecting players like me to "auto match" into the game and not even have a chance to play? Thank god that I haven't given them any money yet! Obviously, I won't be in the future with this kind of tactics allowed.

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I am velvet hardstone. If fluctuate between expert and grandmaster because people fun for me when I'm a master or grand master. If u ever play with me realize that I play honestly and I honor alliances. I try to ONLY break alliances to eliminate a player.

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This game and the format cheat so much, it's not worth playing! I'm uninstalling this game now because of all the cheating! F*%$ this game!

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I've never experienced any cheating in this game yet, to do that you would need to hack the data but the data is only on iPhone , thank god they didn't put it on andoird or everyone and there mom would be hacking the game (much the same as what happened to Pokemon go) anwyys great job in my opinion I haven't noticed anyone able to "hack" or "cheat this game yet -mB
Cheating experienced with Jordan Mac 3 as well. Colonel the Shadow 5 is involved as well as Sandy Kicks 5. Colonel the Shadow 5 is grandmaster and the other two made moves to clearly set him up for another win. I was playing as expert level at the time. Jordan mac 3 had an easy chance to take me out as I had spent the time atttacking Colonel. He did not, even though he had overwhelming armies to do so and gain my two cards. Then Jordan Mac 3 passed as well. Colonel the Shadow then took me out. Such weak play. Playing against the computer is more satisfying.

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Stay in the lower rankings.  I haven't seen any cheating yet...  If someone has to lower themselves to cheat to get higher rankings on a board game, that just goes to show you how pathetic their lives are.  

It's a board game.  So far, I've enjoyed it on my phone.  Win or lose.  Sometimes I wonder how the rolls get me so badly, but it happens to other players too.

Here is always to stop SOME of the cheating while your playing.  Go into the main part of Risk.  Click on "Global Domination", look on the bottom corner of the screen and click on "Create".  Find a map you want to play, and then click on the green arrow.  Chose your desired Avatar, and then click out every one else (i.e. little red "X").  Do this to everyone.  Click on the computer (blue) to create a computer Avatar.  Chose the computer avatar you wish to have.  Sometimes on your side and sometimes not on your side.  Then after the computer Avatar is picked, click on the blue funny face button.  Click on it 4 times, and this is adding in humans to play against.  After you have chosen a human avatar click all other remaining avatar "red X".  After this click on the blue button to start the game.  Again, this will cut down on MOST cheaters of the game.  But it will allow you to play against one human, and one computer AI.  There are some cheaters who even after this has beaten me as in gaining more armies when they shouldn't have.  Good luck.  Any problems or questions, email me at or timlab55-at-aol.<com>.

Hurley la Roche 4 and hutchdown 8. Grandmaster and expert. Clearly the same player. Very sad.

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Same person - CHEATER - how very sad.
(2.45 MB)
Just encountered my first obvious cheats Forgot to take names but they were both grandmasters I believe 1 was called lake 41 Left borders with each other unguarded from the start Never attacked each other all game Clearly the same player controlling both First 2 players entered on a Monday afternoon and both grandmaster Never stood a chance Everyone post screenshot if you see this happening

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So many grandmasters are cheaters. Most of the time 2 grandmasters and 1 intermediate by the same player. Frustrating. Should be easy to check the playing-history of all the grandmasters and kick the cheaters out.

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Cheating definite!!!!! FreeGrasshoppers26500 is a grandmaster because he has cheat codes and is getting 200 armies every turn from the onset of the game. Not good for the score of the rest of the players that are trying to move up in rank.

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FreeGrasshoppers26500 grandmaster is using cheat codes somehow to get 200 armies every turn from the onset of the game. Not cool for people trying to move up in ranks. This should be corrected.

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Now I realize that cheating is widespread. I always wondered how people were getting so many card turn Ins turn after turn after turn. While your at it you should fix the fact that if you do nothing during your turn the game gives you a card for free. Ridiculous.

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