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Today I don't know how it was done but I saw and took pics of the game. We had a grandmaster in the game and as he was about to get beat then the game freezes then resets it self to the beginning, after playing for over 30 minutes. I don't pay for the game and expect this kind of cheating to be going on. I would like a refund of my purchase because this is absurd. The first picture was taken at 2:52 Mountain standard time. As you can see the player tim pinky 2 had no troops left as he was already defeated. The two last pictures have a time stamp on them. Look at the game timer the red bar on top from the previous picture is less than the latest picture timer has on. This has to be fixed. How do you developers allow this kind of cheating to take place??? Makes me think this Alain and Tim pinky are developer working for your company!!! How does a game reset to the beginning once it was supposed to be over???

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Hi Paul, 

I cannot see what you mean by the game reseting in your screenshots? What am I missing?



The screen shot with the players info on the screen is the game that was about to finish. As to why you see the yellow and red players with 0 troops. This in the time line is the very 1st screen shot I took. Time taken 2:49pm pic size 957kb The next screen shot clearly shows that game with only 3 players left in the game: blue, purple and green. Same as the player info one, but this time it's a pic of the game in play. Same time 2:49pm pic size 1.62 mb with green player on front Third screen shot is showing the game some how reset. Clearly showing yellow and red back in the game to the original places. Time taken 2:52pm pic size 1.64 mb red player on front How is that possible?? I time stamped some as well as proof. Hope this is a better description of the pics and how the game reset..

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Okay thanks for the description, I was just looking at them back to front, I understand now.

I will look into this and notify the team.



This just happened to me too!! Game was over 45 mins in and it just reset to beginning of game map... makes no sense what a waste of time. I paid for the unlimited play and this is redic!

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I just had a game I was about to to take out a player and be strong at certain places. Some how my game keep discount me right after I set troops and start to attack so I set them again and the same Dame thing intell the dam timer was up and all 29 troops got spread out and the next player started killing me. Than my turn and what do think happen the same dam thing so I just quit. This type of crap is lame as hell almost enough to demand my money back for allowing this to happen. Didn't give you money to play a broken game. Also the dam dice roll is way off I was 4 to 1 at least and lost every time 2games ago I think . PLEASE FIX THIS OR I WILL BE CONTACT PAYPAL.

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This just happened again. Every thing me I hit this Expert I got disconnected so I hit again same thing . Than lost my cards . I could hit anyone elses no problem. This happened about 4 times or so than he took me out

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There is obvious cheating going on. Somehow some players are able to freeze the game and also kick other players out the game. I have suffered at the hands of these cheats.It's a damn shame.

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It just happened to me. I was playing and I just turned in my troops and solidifying my position, then the game reset back to the beginning. The strange thing is that the yellow player got booted our earlier but there was a person playing him!!! Somebody please fix this obvious weakness as it is very frustrating. You are gonna lose alot of honest players in the long run.
I experienced another bout of cheating recently. I was about to make a decisive play and somehow towards the end of my turn my troops disappeared. Needless to say my opponent won, as my forces were mysteriously depleted.Now I was playing against a master and I find it curious that this happened just when i was about to defeat his forces. Something fishy is going on for sure!

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More f'ing cheaters - Adam Hammer 5 and Jerome Costa. Cheating bastards.
I agree whole heartedly. I just took out a guy and as the defeated sign came up but the game reset to the previous move. It's BS. I want a refund too. That's a half hour and money I've been cheated out of.
Same here - I was about to defeat a human player that an Expert had lined up to defeat next time, and as I was about to attack the last territory my go was mysteriously reset and I had to start my turn again.  The timing and situation was blatant, and this isn't not the first this has happened to me this week.  This completely removes any pleasure from playing and isn't what I signed up for only a few days ago.  How do I get a refund?


wish I could do that with real life

This person made it so obvious that they are the same person. I watched after they both double teamed me. They are both GMs. When it was down to just the two player profiles, the one that was obviously much stronger and had over 3/4 of the map covered, moved all his armies back and just let the other destroy all of his members. The two player profile names are: (GM) Scout Poppins 3 and (GM) Abraham Deadeye 10. Do not play with these two! SMG needs to do something about them! So obvious, sad, and pathetic.
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