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Obvious cheating occurring between Jordan Mac 3 and either 1 or both of these screen names- Vaughn Mcpunch 4, Vance the Poet 3.

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Emma of those "experts" who only got to that position by using two accounts..the other being dexter95n


MadelineManvill9 and RoyceHurricane18 . Two POS

I want my rank back I'm no pro but i can play i don't mind losing but wen i lost 5 times this month due too mass troops appearing for the guy I'm about too take out and then he takes me out is more annoying than my wife sort it out please all i want is my rank back and remove all the chats please
My game name is tank the loyal 17 just give me my expert back I was close too master

How do people cheat?   Well when I want to comment to the company, and all you can get is this chat.  AND then, You edit this page to show newest post first and it doesn't work.  Just that tells me either they can't or don't really care to stop cheating.  Where do you report it.  I'm thinking of screen shooting every turn.  I like the game but I'm not a fool.   all I can say is  If you play me,  and I leave the game, there has been blatant cheating.  Maybe only for a few troops or for an extra risk.   Or players that don't attack and win but still get a Risk card.  Not that people notice.  I notice   I'm like that 


What are you talking about?

Screen freezes when attacking everything working but attack only way to move is report player then it unfreeze s until next turn.5 bars on internet .No card at end turn . I play daily many times as in wheelchair. 9 out of ten games has cheats . Ilove the game but its a waste of money as cheats aren't dealt with. Why aren't there human monitors to check while game is in play.

You gain no more or no less, if you play 1 human AI and 1 computer AI at least I don't think so.  But after running into cheaters, this is what I do.  I only play 1 human and 1 computer AI.  In a day, using this, I can usually get about 25 games in, but I also play other on line games as well.  However, if you use this method to combat cheaters, watch out, but the computer AI will go after you more than the other player.  If they do, please informed SMG about it, so they know I'm not joking.

> the computer AI will go after you more than the other player

This is not true. The AI is random and doesn't target players, if it's going after you you positioned yourself badly or you're just unlucky. 

Thousands of cheaters are banned every month, so the devs are certainly trying their best to combat cheating. The ranked gameplay will also get a do-over in January which will practically eradicate cheating.

You should look at  replays and see what I've been through.  The computer AI does go after me alone to better benefit the other player.  But I have mentioned this to many times.  I just play the game and don't really care now days if I win or lose.  It's just something to do until TV comes back on.


I understand that perhaps you're unlucky or just in a bad spot, but the AI really doesn't go after a specific player.

General brar can not win on his own so this coward uses a second profile to help this wimp win... What a sorry excuse af a broken tool!

There is away to get cheaters from playing you.  Make a list like I do.  If I play someone and if I feel they are cheating, I just add them to my list.  Next time they show up, I don't play them.  I currently have 144 players on my list of cheaters.  If you would like to have this list, give me a call (email).  I'll email you my list.  It's a text list, so anything you have on your computer will show it.  My email address is timlab195@gmaildotcom.

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