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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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23,000,000!!!? Being stuck at 2,012,000 for the last week, and not being able to dig out to save my effing life is pretty good then? :) We need an eye-rolling emoji btw...

 Yeah that sucks

And you can actually suggest new chat expressions over on the Discord

Eric Asmodius you're SMG for sure. Troll.
Werner Redcheeks 26 is a cheat.
Ugh. I just lost two games in a row. The first one someone took me out 23-20 and then the “other” one finished me off- fog of war - how did he know?? And cards were only 20 - the first player would have gained nothing even if they thought they were taking me out! (And they should have noticed that I was clearly making moves on another part of the board). It was too late to report this.
Maybe they are playing in pairs, and maybe the other player saw a big loss of the first player when he hit from 23 to 20. The problem with fog is that you don't know if there is a group of other players on the other side of a large group of soldiers. I always play in the fog. There used to be a lot of pairs, but now the automated system quickly recognizes and bans them. If you are sure and have saved a screenshot, you can always report them via email. On the other hand, there is a lady who tries to enable fair play for all players. Good luck in the new games.
Muddledoddball. Cheater. This beginner left me with one country in spite of having 20+ armies- and muddled knew- in fog of war- exactly where to find me.
It's possible, I have no doubt. If you don’t get to report them in the game, report them with a screenshot.
They won’t respond to that
OK. You had a situation that was over. If a similar problem occurs again and you are sure that someone is a cheater and you did not manage to report it during the game, save the screenshot after the game and send it with an explanation. Believe me, SMG is very serious in protecting players from cheating. I have reported many cheaters and all those who cheated are banned. Always try to report a triangle during the game, and if you fail, report differently. I think the easiest way to solve all problems is on the DISCORD. I don't use it because the automatic system manages to detect cheaters very quickly.

There is a player playing every game with same account xerip3 and xerip please ban both 25 and 29 win streak. All using two devices.  I also realize xerip4. Ranks 43,44 and 16!!!



I will start to report, but i am not sure if it might be a game glitch My blitz and regular attacks are being blocked while killing AT LEAST one of my men. Anyone else experiencing this?
Curious what you mean? You can’t attack? I have something that happens every few games where I attack and then it shows zero troops. I went 11-1 and lost all my troops- it showed blank then it went to 1 troop when my turn ended
Ok. Say I have 27 troops and they have 1 troop. I attack using blitz. They lose 0 and I lose either 1 or 2. Over and over.

Losing troops, not getting to cash your cards and your turn ending after eliminating another opponent.  It all depends on who you are playing.  Pay attention.  This game used to be fun.  It has now become intolerant.  Who can cheat better.  3 people starting up a game and ganging up on another player so their buddy can get credit for eliminating a higher rank.  It's all obvious to everyone but SMG.  Hmmm, I wonder why that is??????

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