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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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And that’s great 537......I always watch suspected cheaters until then end of the game. That’s how I know they’re cheating. Do you think I just report anyone who beats me lol? I’ve played something like 750 games. Like I said when I played on other people’s games cheating was rampant, since I started creatIng my own games I’ve cheating is Much rarer but still happens and I’m Going to report it no matter how much ridiculous stuff you blab on about. If you want to be taken seriously knock off the “reporting cheaters is fascism” and quit comparing people who report cheaters to Hitler. That’s beyond dumb.
I don't think you want to understand. You're boring with fascism. I tried to explain to you that your opinion is not sacred. There is someone whose opinion on this issue is more important. It’s her job and I claim she does it great. You said yourself that she banned many of the cheaters you reported. But you are bothered by the fact that she didn't ban all the players you reported. Now we come to your problem. We all want to players report cheaters. You report, and she decides on the punishment. It's her job, not yours. Why don't you let people to do their job. Why are you constantly trying to determine who is to blame? Play, report and don't annoy us anymore, please.

So basically you're bothered by people having opinions that differ from yours?

And "boring with fascism"? 

What is it with you and absurd comparisons dude?  You're comparing wanting people caught CHEATING to "HItler" and calling them "fascists" lol.

It makes you sound dumb. 

Sorry that I have an opinion that's different than yours buddy.....sorry that I want people CAUGHT CHEATING to be banned. 

I don't get why you defend cheating but it's certainly suspicious.

"don't any us anymore"?

"Us" who? You and the voices in your heard?

If what I say is causing you this much duress why don't you act like an adult and just stop replying?  Nobody is forcing you to read what I write or reply.

Quit trying to force your opinion on others.

1. You are described yourself 2. Who is my new buddy? I always have some buddy? 3. I don't defend cheating,and I don't know what is suspicious to you? 4. Sometimes I think that you provoke other players. Like,you don't mean what you said,but let's play with someone?

 You said "quit bothering US".

Who is "us"?  Who are you speaking for buddy?

And you're seriously going to talk about me trying to "provoke" others when you compared people who report cheaters to "Hitler" lol?'

I know wanting cheaters banned really bothers you but you don't get to tell others what opinions they can have.

You're absurd buddy.  Now be a man of your word and move on.  Nobody is making you read my posts. 

Or.....keep replying.  Up to you but stop whining about it and acting like you don't have a choice.

Us is everyone. You don't see ,everybody is run away.

I mean......this thread is titled "cheaters"'s been going on for years.

Look at all the people reporting cheaters and asking for them to be banned.

But you are saying cheaters shouldn't be reported and that when found guilty they shouldn't be banned lol.

Why do you defend cheating?

You are really bored. I believe that you are finding 2000 cheaters in your 750 games. When you report cheating, you do a useful thing. I also report for if. Please stop writing nonsense. I don't protect cheaters. I tell you last time. Next time I'll go down to your level and start insulting you as you insult me.

This thread has 29 pages over 3 years lol.

But I'm the only one huh?  How do you explain that?  Holy cognitive dissonance Batman!

Talk some more about "Hitler" and "fascism".  That wasn't ridiculous at all.

And you're going to "start" insulting me?  I guess comparing me to "Hitler" was meant to be flattering?  You are beyond ridiculous.

 Just reading your old posts 537 how come your English was fine in your first posts and now it's become broken gibberish?

Did you forget which poster you're supposed to be? 

How did you go from speaking perfect English to speaking broken English in just a few days?

"Koray Selduman, I'm sure such a button would bring a lot of problems. Imagine playing and someone thinks you're cheating and pushes a button for you. You certainly wouldn't feel comfortable. I can write you what I do. When I’m SURE, I constantly attack one cheater. Others struggle and try to help him. That way you can help a player who plays fair and have fun. And be sure to report both. Many cheaters I have reported are banned. Because they were reported by more players. I don’t believe there’s a perfect way to ban, but I see smg doing that part of the job great. I'm sorry because I'm answering you late, but I can't get into an argument with a man who sees ghosts everywhere and who drove away all participants in this topic by insulting them."

Weird how you were speaking perfect English earlier and now you're speaking broken English,

Божа 537.

It's almost like you're pretending to not know how to speak English.

 "My experience with reporting cheaters is a large number of banned accounts. The wonderful lady in the SMG team is constantly and hard working on finding cheaters and banning their accounts. For example, I report a couple, and she digs deeper and finds 4 cheaters cooperating. I have to stand in their defense because they deserve it. Did you report the cheater?"


Hey Eric, what's your theory on Божа 537's English going from good to completely broken in just a few days?

That's weird huh?

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