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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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This doesn't prove much. We don't know what happened with the blue. Maybe he needed cards to become stronger. I just played a game with another cheater, the "master" Elia Abou Chabke. His second account is "Gary The Rock 5". His tactic was that the two of them supposedly were gathering forces to fight each other for N. America. After i eliminated two other players they split and they started fighting. I seized Elia Abou Chabke and his second account got much stonger and he was trying to protect him, even when he was left with 2 soldiers, exclusively by my hunting. His second account surrounded the two remaining "master" soldiers so I wouldn't be able to approach him because i was weak. Finally I took the "master's" cards and even though I lost the game, it was a sweet feeling when i eliminated his main account. Those players like Elia Abou Chabke are just pathetic. I would be ashamed to connect my fb account with the game if i were a pathetic cheater like this guy. But, he got what he deserved. Cheers mate!

I was ready to win when I got glitched out, then returned to discover my troops missing and he got Max troops, really? In beginning to hate playing
Don't know how this guy did it, but he got 99 troops in one set. On a set that was due to give 50 troops. Cheating​? Bug? His handle is Winfield Luther 4.

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Due to the issue with game selection, I inadvertently ended up in a game with the "two" cheaters I posted about a couple of weeks ago: Peter Justice 2 and Smith Schulz 2.  It was a game with the two of them, a bot and one other guy.  Knowing that they were cheaters, I was able to predict their moves as the tagged teamed the poor other guy and eliminated him from the game.  At least I was able to eliminate one of them before the end.  If it wasn't for the bot playing poorly, I might have eliminated the other.  I would avoid these players at all cost.


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If you join a game with a Master/Grandmaster and 2 or more Expert CPUs, GET OUT!! I just had to learn the hard way

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I always host games and my ranking is between Expert and Grandmaster depending on my current streak.  I track the people who cheat and kick them out pregame.  Feel free to join my games anytime for a fair game.  I honor alliances completely, unless I am trying to eliminate the ally from the game.  

-Velvet Hardstone 3

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An honorable gamer. Too bad everyone isn't that way. I'm tired of getting tagged teamed right from the start on 3 player games. And, until they fix things, I can only use automatch and it always puts me in 3 player games. Sigh....
Another post on Jordan Mac 3 (intermediate). Cheating with Colonel The Shadow 5 (grandmaster) and Sandy Kicks 5 (novice). I realized it pretty early as sandy kicks attacked me to no benefit early, clearly helping Colonel. Then I just set myself up to break up Colonel in Europe. Jordan Mac did not attack Colonel despite having a strong army and then half killed me, but didn't finish me off and keeping my two cards intact. sandy could have also easily finished me off, but passed, leaving me for colonel. I was playing at expert.

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When. It is obvious to me that 2 people are ganging up on me, I throw all I have at the weaker one then leave. I figure, at least the weaker will have no chance of winning after I go. Why bother to play a game you can't win? Don't give them any satisfaction.
I agree w\t Aaron Hall. That dude smart.
Heres 2 more for you. Okey Rock 5 and Billy Bravo 5. Was obvious that these 2 names are connected somehow. From the onset they avoided each other, put 1 army on adjacent territories and targeted my troops even when there was no reason for it. I will take a loss as ive taken many but these 2 names are what ruins games. If you have to cheat to attain grand master or master as these 2 names have done, its sad. Cheat to succeed is truly the lowest achievement you can get.

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Another set of questionable players:  Major von Strop 5 and chainfreez.  If you get in a game with these two together, watch out.


Do cheaters ever get banned? Just left game with gabrielle fennel 2 and roxie the pious 3. Obviously cheating throughout. I wasted my days token rations on this.

It's always tough playing with players who choose not to play fair. (Specifically, two or more accounts)

Try to understand, this is a player exploiting the game, but is not using a cheat.

I say this as SMG can't stop you (fix) from playing one account on WiFi, and another on cell towers.

So getting upset at SMG won't help you, and is nothing they can resolve.

Feel free to debate cheating vs exploiting here:

I did read about a player resetting the game before he losses, and yes this is cheating and something SMG can, and I think is, looking into. 

Junior Defiance 2 is a cheater
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