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The community forum activity has really dropped off...

Just seems like there's only like one new post a week... thoughts?

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For the most part, I try to be as understanding as possible - if one were to review my previous post, they would find that I will address problems without piling guilt or responsibility on SMG - in my mind they are people just like us doing a job to feed their families.... BUT with the most recent insight to the incompetence of the employees at SMG, I urge all who read this to contact Hasbro directly and DEMAND that they adjust their tech support - even if that means the dismissal of SMG. I'm sorry to the SMG employees that may become upset by this, but the real issues are not being addressed, the information given is minimal and delayed, and most importantly the voice of the consumer is not being heard. I for one am tired of mediocrity from one of the largest board game companies in the world. If SMG is not up to the challenge then the mother company should take responsibility and find a tech support company that is; or at the bare minimum, reprimand SMG and outline what is expected of them.

"BUT with the most recent insight to the incompetence of the employees at SMG"

What has happened recently dude? (other than the lack of updates and fixes and improvements lol)

Unfortunately, only a few dozen players come to this forum - so it's unlikely that Hasbro will take notice of anything so few people demand!

However, there's no harm in trying is there! =

Ultimately the app will sink or swim, depending on the revenue it generates - the situation is either one of the following:

1) The game is making plenty of money - due to it being an "official" Hasbro port... so most people are overjoyed to see it available on their mobile and pay up immediately! They then start playing regularly - and quickly realise how flawed the app is... but don't bother getting a refund cos it's only a few bucks lol

2) The game is not making much money - due to most people playing a couple of dozen times for free... and deciding it ain't worth paying for because it has so many unresolved issues 

Sadly, in both cases... SMG won't be bothered to invest the time and effort in to improving the game and bringing it up to what it should be! 

If it's making money then who cares about the problems - if it's losing money then they'll put their energy in to another app which can/does make a profit...

Still, I guess we can hope for the best - maybe SMG will release an awesome update soon... although

Im not surprised - There is nothing similar between the board game and this one - plus I struggle to find anything positive to say about the whole game, publisher,support,prices,DLC - but then Im stubborn so I will stick around for a while yet - I seem to have lost all my profile info from Steam so no2w Im Anonymous without both names too - that wouldnt happen either in the very excellent board game

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