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The community forum activity has really dropped off...

Just seems like there's only like one new post a week... thoughts?

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Chris, I am new to the forums this week, so I have just started reading some old threads. I had a long list of suggestions for game fixes and improvements. I found that most all of these topics had already been brought up months ago so I replied there instead of starting new threads. I would be interested to maybe setup a game time with a good group of experienced and tactical players for a regularly scheduled game. If we got the same 5-6 players together for a weekly game I think that could really be a great time and simulate the board game atmosphere I enjoyed as a kid, sitting around the table playing risk with people I know. Kind of like a weekly poker night with the guys. I usually play progressive card sets because I don’t regularly have the time for hour long games that fixed card values usually cause. It would be fun to have a longer game with skilled players every now and then. Could even have a chat room on discord or something else so there can be a little table banger going on. Just spit balling some ideas. Sorry for writing a novel

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It's my understanding that SMG is a small team, and I can sort of understand why some lingering issues remain - at least on their part. But I feel the responsibility ultimately lands on Hasbro; it's logical to assume that they have enough money to higher a larger software team to represent their product in a all its potential gory - but since they already have SMG then a better idea would be helping them expand their business to better suit the consumers needs.... maybe SMG should consider renegotiating their contract...?

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Those are some great points sectaone, but I am a bit confused about one thing; the automatic record inspection process. Would you care to elaborate what it is and how it would help? If SMG can't control cheaters, perhaps the ranking system should be discarded - I feel like that would discourage it...

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The rank filters are supposed to be “in progress” and they say they are working on automated anti-cheating tools. Those are the two most important things as far as I am concerned. As for forum activity there has been a lot more of it these last few days, though of course there would be more if more people played the game. Nevertheless, when a few people post that gets others to do the same after seeing notifications or topics they want to discuss. So it is like a landslide that starts with a few stones but quickly gathers strength. Chris Currie can take credit for being one of the first stones in the the latest round of posts and comments.

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Updates and SMG aside, I just would like to talk to other Risk fans about something other than cheaters; which lately seems to be the only topic with the steadiest stream of new comments... but you could be right Sectaone - maybe people are just waiting for topics to be posted. Perhaps Smg wouldn't mind sending out an occasional reminder to the players that there IS a forum... PSA: If you are interested in reviving the community forums, don't be shy about starting a new topic, or commenting on someone else's topic -new or old... personally, I check on it every day or two, even when I haven't played risk in a while - just to see what's going on

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*table BANTER, not banger Damn autocorrect

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Anybody able to play a game today?
@Aitch Unless SMG has lost a few key employees, I don't think mediocrity is the reason. I've been playing since Hasbro released the game, long before SMG was in charge of tech support. If you had an issue then you had to email Hasbro directly - which was not an easy task. Personally, I believe that SMG has brought this game a long way, even with the few coding errors that's accompanied their progress. The biggest problem people have now is cheaters, but that's a harder problem to solve than most people might think - since no software is being tampered with by people using alternate accounts. Short of banning IP adresses, I can't really think of a solid solution....
Even that wouldn’t be a solution and might do harm. Too many dynamic IPs and VPN/proxy users. Not too mention switching to data. I still say just automate a record inspection process for the top accounts and also use it randomly on all active accounts. SMG has said they’re working on that so that’s good. Right now I have played with two of the top 4 accounts and they are both complete cheaters. SMG demoted one of them but he’s back now and the other time they never responded to my ticket. So from that sample I suspect the upper reaches of the leaderboard must be packed with cheaters at a much higher percentage than any other group. Some of them don’t even play anyone else but just always play there own accounts only. What a joke! They are making a mockery of SMG and their leaderboard. I have a lot more to say about the short comings of the leaderboard and how people who play 1v1 can get there fairly easily but playing against lots of well-ranked opponents gets less recognition even though it deserves more, but I’ll stop there. SMG has done a lot for the game. Hasbro is bigger but don’t seem to want to do all the work on the game that SMG has done and is doing.
Tyler what you are talking about is what I have been trying to set up for months. I’m down to play whenever others and I have time. Check out and read the more recent comments to see where we are at right now.
Probably because SMG still hasn't tackled the big issues in the game
Great minds think alike Secta! I like where your head is at. I am actually only ranked expert and ranked in the 17,000 range. Not sure if I qualify, but it’s only becuase I just recently found this version of the game in App Store and haven’t been playing long. Would I still qualify to participate? I started playing Risk 25 years ago with my father on his board from the 70’s with all the original wooden pieces. He still owns the board and is the only thing I asked that he leave to me in his will LOL. I’m in Florida so I am eastern time zone. I would be up for a Tues, Wed, or Thurs evening game. Count me in. Add me as a friend Game Name: Big Bad Wolfe. User ID: 5651162
SectaOne seems to know a lot more than me on this subject. But I would think it would be fairly easy for SMG to look at those top players and see if they are playing say 90% of their matches with the same movie ranked opponent (a 2nd account). That would be a clear sign of cheating. They could do something about that, and a team least the cheaters would have to spend a lot of time constantly creating new accounts. Or we could just track their IP addresses and rally a posse to go round them up and lynch them in the town center. I’ve got plenty of rope...
*novice ranked opponent, not movie. Autocorrect got me
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