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The community forum activity has really dropped off...

Just seems like there's only like one new post a week... thoughts?

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I’m in if we can play soon I have stuff to do later
I am in a game now. Will probably be done in about 20 minutes.
Ok shoot me a message here or on Messenger
I’m ready when you are. Did you send me a friend request on FB or messenger?
I sent a message maybe that’s not enough to get by your private account idk. I’ll set up a global domination game others feel free to join
Reiner Agincourt 8
I sent you a messenger
Accidentally made a random comment the "best answer" for this thread, don't know how to undo it lol. I'll hit you up on messenger as well tyler. I talked to sectaone earlier and I think we're gonna try for a game around 7pm today
I received 5 different emails notifying me this thread was markedly “answered”, then “unanswered” and back again and again. I’d that you or SMG? I accepted your messenger request and am up for a game later. Shoot me a message.
That was me, my bad lol.
Anybody able to play a game today?

@Aitch Unless SMG has lost a few key employees, I don't think mediocrity is the reason. I've been playing since Hasbro released the game, long before SMG was in charge of tech support. If you had an issue then you had to email Hasbro directly - which was not an easy task. Personally, I believe that SMG has brought this game a long way, even with the few coding errors that's accompanied their progress. The biggest problem people have now is cheaters, but that's a harder problem to solve than most people might think - since no software is being tampered with by people using alternate accounts. Short of banning IP adresses, I can't really think of a solid solution....

Gotta disagree with you bro - given the source code, I could find a pair of techies who would sort the game out within a month!

This stuff is not hard, nor is it particularly time consuming - Risk is only a simple mobile app... not the next version of Grand Theft Auto lol!

By the way, I think some good employees may well have left the company -  if you check the older posts, you'll see much more informative posts from them... all we are stuck with now is Phil, who rarely says (or even knows) anything lol!

@Aitch -.-

- Phillip@SMG

Grateful for the thoroughly informative post Phil... I take it all back now lol!

You Rock!

I laughed.
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