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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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They are mentioned a few times on here but I just played a game with them also. Cheaters Vaughn Midnight (Mstr), Colonel the Shadow (GrndMstr) And Sandy Kicks (Nvce). Early on one will keep a large amount of troops on the others border so no-one can attack and he also doesnt need to protect it - freeing up troops for other borders. Also will attack others and then leave the last guy for Colonel. How much if a loser in life do you need to be to cheat at an online game lmao? Just ask these 3 people, I guess.

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Its almost as annoying as getting alliance request spammed.
Or continuous attack requests. I kinda hate that feature.
Ok, I'm a novice, but can't it appear as though theres cheating when it's merely an alliance of convenience? I know once, because I had no other real option, I would have borders with only one with an alliance with somebody. I know they could break it, but I have no real choice. I imagine it could look like cheating.
Brent you're absolutely right. Leaving borders unprotected is very common. I think it is impossible to tell from game play alone wether someone is using 2 accounts in the same game or if it is just an alliance of 2 players.

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There are cases where leaving a border unprotected doesn't necessarily mean cheating. Not everyone who does this is a cheater, as someone pointed out you can use it to test somebodies trust.

However, by watching how players play, you can tell when two people are working together beyond an alliance. In my game, the players weren't protecting borders in a mutual understanding mostly because one of the players held 0 continents and the other held 2 (they held Australia and South America). If you don't hold any continents, have 10 men on Siam and the other player has only single men on each of Australia's territories what is stopping you from taking over Australia? It makes it a lot easier to cripple your competition if you know that 1 person will NEVER turn on you (probably because it is also you).


Also, this was the second time I played these two (1?) guys in the same fashion. I don't understand the complaints of cheating via software bugs. I don't understand how that is possible but maybe it is and I just haven't played someone like that. Multiple accounts seems to be the most common form of cheating and it is pretty obvious in most cases.

Usually by the time your recognize it, it's too late. Using two accounts is almost exclusively to the benefit of one of them. If you had two sets of armies to begin with this would be an advantage yes? What I have witnessed is the lesser account attacking one player to the direct benefit of the other account. Half killing you enough, but leaving the beneficiary account to take the cards/continent of the aggrieved player. My biggest issue is that it's poor play and the waste of folks time. I think it would be easy for SMG to put some indicator that two or more players are playing from the same wifi (doesn't mean your cheating but let's me determine if I want to play in that game). Also, as I've previously stated, if it listed who are the most common "opponents" on your profile so I could see or determine on my own if you might be playing on two accounts.

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Too many cheaters I can't stand it
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I think we have a lot of sore losers here in this cheaters forum. And cheating is not really very clearly defined to begin with. Moreover, not everybody who cheats is getting "punished"... The way this game is set up, everybody cheats in one way shape, form or another. Is cheating defined as un fair play? What about those people that don't play the game in the manner it was meant to be played? I.e. attacking others when they have the chance but yet players color up their boards with armies on all borders so that you have 3 out of 4 players that don't attack each other but just add armies to their borders... isn't that a form of cheating as well?? I have been involved in endless games where "cheating" or "unfair play" occurs ....many in the manner to which all those have complained about in this forum. Life goes on people. Exit the game if you are not happy....and don't come back if you are not happy....but to sit and take screenshots and report people etc.... how sad you are. And even still, that is not evidence of's circumstantial evidence at best. And then SMG disciplines those "caught" cheating without evidence and based on reporting and photos, or even some technology analysis on their servers....also needs to be reassessed. C'mon people, don't make such a big issue out of it. Move on. Don't like it , leave.

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Oh and BTW....what about those guys that, while you are attacking and taking them out, that they ask for alliance, ignore, ask for alliance, ignore, in such a quick way that they try to distract you from taking them that not cheating???? Should they not be reprimanded? There are many ways of cheating in this game, and who is to say which is more severe than the we don't live ina perfect world and this isn't a perfect either take it as it is and enjoy it or leave.
Unfortunately, it is a known fact that there are players who use 2 accounts with the sole purpose of increasing the rank of one of them.  This is often very obvious when it happens and it is "cheating," no matter what anyone wants to call it.  After that, you enter a gray area, where it is hard to determine exactly where the line is.  I do think that "cheating" is thrown around a bit too often in these forums.  There are forms of game play, such as shooting for second place or leaving 1 troop on a border with an ally, that are totally legit, IMO.  Also, attacking a ally at some point is part of the game, so you need to be prepared for it.

There are things that are annoying, like purposely prolonging the end of the game and asking for an alliance just to clutter up the screen.  I would not consider this cheating, but poor sportsmanship or just someone being a jerk.


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Well said Daniel. Having twice the amount of troops as everyone else is definitely cheating.
Absolutely! Like I said it I might be paranoid. But it's usually the 3 player games that include a master and then a novice that seem fishy to me. Although I'd like to think I'm not a sore loser, but when the novice let's the master do what he pleases while going on a suicide attack against me that could not possibly lead to a win for him it makes me so salty. Either you win, or make up excuses lol
I wouldn't say you are paranoid, if there is a way for someone to cheat ( 2 accounts, hacking, whatever) some people will do it. I would reccomend not playing in 3 player games as those always seem alot more suspect to me. I also agree with Daniel that some people whine about things that are not cheating.
Do not Play Alton Agincourt 6 he is a Grand Master and his accomplice is Poco Mcpunch 6. They cheat, so obvious that when he had a chance to take out Mcpunch he did not, let him get his numbers back up and then they attacked me who had an alliance with him.... ridiculous
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