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Cheating vs Exploit

You should be careful accusing someone of cheating.

 -Two players ganging up on you is NOT CHEATING!

- One player playing two accounts is NOT CHEATING!

- BOTS tough one, but still saying the BOT has no actual cheats but just another account to try and give the player an edge. Not much dif. then having a second account. Still saying this is NOT CHEATING!

I calls these exploiting a games feature, and impossible to stop.

I have hundreds of games logged in Risk, and have not seen one person actual cheat, as in roll sixes every roll, control the game so no one can move but only them, GOD mode where you can't hurt them, etc. NOT ONCE!

I do see many players trying to get an advantage with a second account, but honestly most of them suck and need two accounts.

I see many posts about cheating, but I challenge any of you, prove they actual have cheats vs just playing a second player who also is not cheating rather then playing dirty.

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Totally down for Team mode, a co-op vs other co-ops.

I'm also down for real tournaments, love the chance to prove I deserve my rank!

Having all said, operating multiple accounts under the sole control of a single player in a game is definitely cheating. This kind of arrangement should not be tolerated at all. When Risk is a physical board game, we don’t tolerate players that play more than a single color but we do tolerate mom and dad alliance against us siblings.

Just for the record,

I never said one player playing multiple accounts isn't cheating!

I've only tried being a voice of opposition to everything in dought is absolute cheating, immediate judgment, to post them publicly, name them/punish them with zero proof! (Shame them)

I hate cheaters to, but everyone's so busy crying wolf on petty things and don't think any of you (or VERY few) have seen a real cheat in Risk. I've seen bugs in the game for sure, some cheap players, but nothing I could call an actual cheat.

- Anyone seen someone roll ALL sixes thru the entire game?

- Anyone seen someone use GOD mode, aka game cheat codes developers coded into the game?

To summarize,

What are the worst cheats you can mention in this game of Risk?

- Excluding you thinking two players are out to get you, just for argument...

I'm betting the list is real short, or null !

Erm, from your original post (and I quote): "- One player playing two accounts is NOT CHEATING"

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WHAT ??? Of COURSE !!! operating two accounts without disclosing it and with the objective of favoring one of them IS cheating. What you are saying makes no sense. 1 player, 1 account, fair game. Anything else is cheating. I wouldn't have a clue about getting 200 armies in the first round. Is that done by tempering with the app's code ? Anyway, 6 players, same rules agreed upon before the beginning of the game. the rest is off boundaries. 

Please get unstuck!

What are the worst cheats you can mention in this game of Risk?

- Excluding you thinking two players are out to get you, just for argument...


When I said that, I was trying to not call EVERYTHING cheating, save the big word for real cheats. When someone used a built in game feature, but you don't like how they used it, I called it an EXPLOIT was all.

Yes it's cheap, just as players inviting you to ally just as your trying to kill them so the window pops up and makes it hard to finish killing them in a 60 second turn. Exploit! (In my humble opinion)

- Rolling ALL sixes every turn, definite cheat

- Modifying game code to give you an advantage, definite cheat

If you must call EVERYTHING a cheat, then pls define an Exploit ?

- I'd rather you answer my above question. I don't think any of you have seen a real cheat in this game. (Per my above definition). Seen many users exploiting game features (ally invite, playing with an ally...)

Never seen all sixes, never seen GOD mode, never seen game freeze, never seen double turns, never seen player attacking to non-adjacent territories, never seen anything used that is not part of the game and developed by the game makers.

Have you ??

Intention here is to give SMG & Risk some credit. Forums are filling with cheat claims, and I'm calling all you out (politely) to name & describe the cheat. Exclude your ally claims, you already have your wall of cheaters for that, leave it there where it belongs.

Side track a bit...yes, it is annoying for people to try to save their skin by asking for alliance as you are finishing them off.but there are two simple solution to this. 1. Always choose the right time frame for yourself. See if you are suited for 60seconds game. 2. Remember to activate the ignore requests option as the game progress, not to entertain anymore communication. Bonus 1. Invest in a bigger screen or a pointer to increase your efficiency in completion of each turn.
While we may be seen as splitting hair by trying to define what is cheating and exploiting, we must remember not everyone here are using English as their first language. It may become a very academic exercise. In layman terms, which of the following players you like to play with? 1. The code hacker 2. The guy with multiple accounts in a single game. 3. The gang that know each other aiming for 1-2 finishing where possible. In addition, trying to convince them to fight each other is virtually impossible due to possible repercussions like broken friendship or broken nose. 4. The friendly guy who ally everyone with the intention to win but will not hesitate to break alliance whenever he find suit. (Side track a bit, sometimes this person forget his betrayal and couldn't understand why someone just keep on attacking him even though it is not doing the attacker any good) My personal choice is that I will play with player 4 anytime and will avoid player 1, 2 and 3 at all cost. You can either host your own game to pick the players or think carefully before clicking the Ready button during the 10 seconds window.

Well said Gussie!

To try and wrap this up, I will be posting feature add for co-op mode.

I'd hope with all the posters shouting cheat, that you would vote yes on co-op mode or expect these players to be playing in your next game :)

BTW, if  any of you come across a real cheat, still like to hear about them, to get them fixed of course.

I've seen players add 999 troops on the first round. I think only twice. The first time it happened, I was able to maneuver well enough so that the computer in the game killed the 3rd player, so I came in 2nd. I was still pretty upset about the HACKING of the game.

Using multiple accounts is flat out cheating. I get what you're trying to say with cheat vs exploit but it's still cheating. An exploit is doing the alliance/break thing constantly. Which I find hilarious as it doesn't slow me down at all so I just hit the accept button over and over and tongue out at them right when they die. But not everyone is using a tablet or PC so they should ignore the person if they can't be cool like me lol.

So you have hackers, cheaters, and exploiters. I don't care about exploiters.

I had an "honour" playing with a Grandmaster today. While the game host did a pretty good job screening the players before the game start by kicking Novice and Beginner, unknowing to us the grandmaster bought his lackey with a Master status.

The first hint came when "Ennis Cartwright 12" Master lackey disregards numerical inferiority, launched an attack on the Green victim knowingly that after his turn, the Grandmaster "MistiD-1" will be able to finish the Green off and have the audacity to repeat this strategy on the other players as well. talking about obvious collusion.

Final hint came when they are already unstoppable, Grandmaster "kindly" ensure that his lackey "Master" finished second even though it is more logical to finish his lackey first.

It is all very nicely done, they are reasonably skillful and with that collusion makes them deadly to engage. I am just highlighting it for everyone to decide what to do when you so "fortunately" meet them.

 Exploiters or Cheaters, i dont know how i should labelled them but i certainly would want to avoid meeting them the next time.





Good ole MistiD-1. I've reported that one on a couple of occasions now. SMG still hasn't banned that account? I'm not surprised.

I had reported Skull Brooks 4 & Usher Wild 10 at least 3 times in the past before the cheating integration was made into the game. And after a long time of not seeing either, Skull Brooks 4 showed up into one of my games. And to no surprise, Usher Wild 10 followed right in. So I let them stay and started the game then reported immediately. And then let them win the game through the usual collusion you'd always expect from those favorites. HOWEVER. This player didn't get away unscathed. When it came down to a situation where I couldn't run the map on the two and I was screwed, along with another guy, I took the choice to kill half of one of the cheater accounts so the other guy could finish him off, just to kill him. So Usher ended up with the #4 slot. HA! But I got #3 as punishment from the Skull Brooks one. I had to stick my tongue out when I did the suicidal / senseless rush to make sure Usher could be killed. haha.

Will SMG actually act on it this time? We'll see, maybe. If i see those accounts again I'm actually going to be very pissed because I wrote a special email after that to insist they take care of this. I took a loss just to use their new reporting feature since they no longer accept tickets for cheaters. And apparently they didn't take care of the issue when I put all that time into those tickets. If i see them again, I'm booting them. And will no longer start games with suspected cheaters just to report them.

I had a game the other day where there was 2 pairs of cheaters in the game. I started it knowing I was doomed to come in last if I didn't get lucky, and it was sort of just to report them. I made sure first and then sure enough, each pair as expected was colluding. Funny how I can see that just based on how people join, ranks and names? Anyway, it doesn't matter that much. I only play my trash accounts until the rank matching finally happens / cheaters become rare, if either ever happen.

Hack cheat perhaps? I have 7 against one ( first or second turn in 6 player game. I attack and win then I get a brief disconnection error before I can move whatever number of armies. When I get reconnected the enemy I was attacking has the 6 or 7 armies and the territory. I lost a third of my armies and one of the opponents gained as much.

That's a bug. If you disconnect in the middle of taking a territory, during the troop movement phase it can register the troops you're moving to the territory as going to the opponent who lost the territory. It's happened to me before you just need to try to move as few as possible so you don't lose too many. Sometimes, connection bugs can result in 0 army territories and you can't even attack them if they went to the other player. I've seen players end up with extra armies from this because their own territory will show blank (0) and then at the end of the turn risk corrects it to a 1.

There was also a case where a guy who was going to mow me down had connection issues and somehow I ended up with a trade of cards worth of troops evenly distributed to 2 territories. It's a known bug as per SMG. My own guess is that he had attacked offline to those 2 territories, then connection finally came back, it moved him back to where he was when he last had connection and then it awarded the troops he had to those territories. he was pissed, making angry faces at me for the rest of the game like I had done something wrong. I was still going to win anyway but it made the game one less turn having to be hashed out with the extra redemption worth of troops right there.

“ Renate Ironside 7 “ and “ Dan Abdiel Garcia de Leon “ are cheaters .. don’t play with them .... the game needs to add an option to block them from future games you host at least ... common guys it’s not that hard

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