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Cheating vs Exploit

You should be careful accusing someone of cheating.

 -Two players ganging up on you is NOT CHEATING!

- One player playing two accounts is NOT CHEATING!

- BOTS tough one, but still saying the BOT has no actual cheats but just another account to try and give the player an edge. Not much dif. then having a second account. Still saying this is NOT CHEATING!

I calls these exploiting a games feature, and impossible to stop.

I have hundreds of games logged in Risk, and have not seen one person actual cheat, as in roll sixes every roll, control the game so no one can move but only them, GOD mode where you can't hurt them, etc. NOT ONCE!

I do see many players trying to get an advantage with a second account, but honestly most of them suck and need two accounts.

I see many posts about cheating, but I challenge any of you, prove they actual have cheats vs just playing a second player who also is not cheating rather then playing dirty.

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Playing with a buddy isn't necessarily cheating in the game of Risk but it's against the rules as per SMG because there's a high chance you will favor that player over others in these ranked games. If you want to play with friends, you need to use the play friends method and not games meant for random match ups.

For any player who desires 2nd place, just "tyap out" from the beginning of the game. Don't collect cards and surely no one will kill you, unless someone is cheating and needs to kill you before killing his 2nd account. :)

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Yes sometimes just dumb players will gang up on you because you're winning. This is more common on the board game risk because there's no benefit to coming in 2nd and the players just have to hope that everyone will try to kill you but not benefit by actually taking your cards. I deal with this from time to time and do my best to be political on the board, such as not setting troops in an area where I will probably attack that player next or aiming that at the guy only who will have no way of trading cards or attacking me so that the other will think I won't touch him. Honestly, once a really big, impossible player to kill scenario comes up, I will personally work for 2nd place and just try to avoid being killed. But a lot of people will play like there is no 2nd place and yay that just means I can kill him to make sure I get the 2nd place. I am sure many are shocked when I choose to wipe them out instead of helping them take the top player down with them.

So yeah not always a case of cheating. It's more emotional based. And man this game is emotional for beginners. Revenge is only worth it if you can kill the player and end up with a lot of cards but not ending your turn with a lot of cards. Many players make the mistake of ending their turn with 5 cards after killing me off. I laugh at them for being the next lunch.

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Late in the game I try put my biggest army where it can attack any of my remaining opponents. That isn’t always possible though and that’s where it starts to get tricky. I recently won a game where one of my opponents just handed me the win by destroying a 25 army right in the key turns (6-8). I guess he did it since the army was on the border of his continent. A beginner I think. The better ranked guy who lost the big army might have thought it was cheating since it made my win really easy. I don’t remember as much of this in the past and it makes me think idiotic play is spreading up the ranks. And yeah it is funny how many players think any kill will help them. If they turn in from three in the second pass to kill someone they have 4/5 cards and too few troops to survive.

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Yes, I think we should be careful before accusing people of cheating. Yes, in this game, second place matters, that is how I catch a glimpse of Master ranking, some months back playing with other masters and Grandmaster. I do think we need to maintain a centralized list of possible cheaters. This will assist many players looking for fair game simply by avoiding any combo that they come across in the game. And also to let the alleged cheaters to be more careful of using the same combo accounts. We do boycott, not intended shaming. But we need to move away from posting our personal frustration here, and more of sharing strategies or battle logs. I played CIV too, and I think we can emulate the civfanatic forum to be more constructive. I thank all before me that share many useful tips here which had enriched my games. Hope to revisit the Master ranking with your tips soon.

Yeah beginners will attack if they feel threatened, which is really stupid because it guarantees a loss for both of you. I sometimes have a tough time in beginner games. you have to remember that they won't wipe you out even if they could sweep the board with it, as long as you aren't putting your mass army right on their border. Just maintain a nice path to go through when you're ready = easy win.

With masters, you can park yourself right next to them and they are thankful because you're probably blocking others from attacking :)

Actually, everyone should be using the report buttons when they suspect cheating. SMG can easily tell if it's a cheater or not. BUt for some reason they don't automatically detect and ban them so we need to actually report them when it's happening. It's a rough function right now. That is, you need to do it before you get killed or the other player for that matter too. Hopefully that'll be fixed next update because I sometimes have to report people who may be cheating but I'm not certain and can't tell until after I've been killed / watch the rest of the game in spectator mode. Some of the cheaters are very good actors, where they'll play it just like they're individual accounts and don't even care if the higher ranked one gets 1st place or not. Unfortunately for them, SMG can still tell if they're cheating but it could prevent them from getting reported. Just keep in mind that if they suddenly change to look legit after you're dead they could be trying to cover it up.


You quoted "SMG can easily tell if it's a cheater or not."

Curious how your so sure they can do that ?

- Small company, $5 game, paid staff babysitting vs coding...

Not saying they don't care or want to stop cheating, but if they can identify a cheater so easily, why not just prevent it in the first place. 

Matt L, I definitely cannot speak for SMG and the processes they use, but I own the website and have since 2000.  While I still own the site, I am no longer involved in the running of it, but as the head administrator over there for over a decade...banning people was a task/chore unlike anything else.  The problem is if you ban a user, you can delete the account.  

Well they'll just create a new one.

So then we give then an IP ban.  If they have any technical knowledge at all (and unfortunately, many of them did) even an IP ban super easy to get around by just  utilizing different VPN's.  To combat that, at one point we issued a blanket block for entire IP groups...but that cause a massive issue because a lot of those VPN's used IP addresses from regular groups, so that blanket ban caused accidental banning of accounts that were not trouble makers at all.

Unfortunately, unless some much new and improved technology is involved, it is an overall losing battle.  

However...this game has one thing on their side that we didn't have at fact you have to pay for the game beyond the 1 or 2 games you can play for free every few hours.  

The people cheating most definitely paid the $5 fee to play...and banning their accounts would be an effective deterrent, imo, because even if they did have to re-create an account, well Risk is going to have even more money flowing in.  People like this will likely see multiple bannings if they don't change their cheating ways, but Risk will reap the rewards of catching them as well.

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Additional note, MattL, on how easy it SHOULD be for the Risk folks to catch the vast majority of cheaters would be to simply see which players that are accused of possible cheating seem to always be playing together in the same games over and over again.  It really shouldn't be too hard for them.

One thing they should do is block accounts created within the same google account from playing together. But after that some simple code could be used to figure out most cheaters. Checking for IPs of accounts playing in a game. How many times they play together. I suppose I've run across a few players that end up in my games once a night or something like that.

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Your over thinking this...

Create game finder w/ filters, done!

- Example: I choose "Game Finder", choose map, timer, card type, auto, etc. and "Find Game"

- This joins you to the queue, where you see users joining your game.

- One final confirmations before start, anyone failing to click start gets booted, and the rest remain in queue (top level) pending last player and retrying start confirmation.

Every game you would join with other random online players and feel free to ally all you want, part of the game!

Well....Just played game. Got second to last. After last guy won he kepit trading in armies. Got his troops from 100 to over 400. I just left he wasnt finished. Pretty sad to play a game of stradegy and see cheaters. I guess there will always be cheats. But catch them as you spot them. Please look into this issue. Risk is awesome game

I find it amazing, I post a solid solution, game finder which would eliminate friends from playing together, even prevent multiple accounts from playing each other as every game you would play with other random online players. (Other games do this and it's very successful approach)

Even posted it as a feature add, ZERO votes or comments.

I truly believe most of you just want to vent your lose and how it's someone else's fault!


Again I post,

Create game finder w/ filters, done!

- Example: I choose "Game Finder", choose map, timer, card type, auto, etc. and "Find Game"

- This joins you to the queue, where you see users joining your game.

- One final confirmations before start, anyone failing to click start gets booted, and the rest remain in queue (top level) pending last player and retrying start confirmation.


Every game you would join with other random online players and feel free to ally all you want, part of the game!

I agree with that function but going to be a long while before SMG could do that. I still waiting on a simple rank filter so i don't have to boot anyone below expert. It's been 2 years since suggested so....

With "Game Finder", you may not be able to do that, unless they add a filter for only above rank X.

While I understand your request, I don't think it adds to the game. How are new users supposed to find games if no one will play with them? Might deter getting added players if they can't get a games going online.