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Hi, I recently paid up and went premium. I'm not happy however when I start a game and see someone with 2000 ( yes two thousand ) troops. I have taken a screenshot of this. Sort it out please.
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Yes I agree. I enjoy this game and don't mind the alliance-making in order to trick you (have been burned too many times - but that is the game) but the game is ruined by this kind of cheating. There has to be some way for you to apply the rules you stipulate.

troubling centaur3862 & Brent Parker  is a blatant cheater clearly running two accounts used the brent parker account to attack me every turn regardless of how obvious it was that it didn't help his cause i.e. 5 troops vs 25 just to weaken me for the other account this ruins the game 

I played against someone today who started off with 999 troops.
Stu Thunder, 15 minutes ago and player attacked no one and added 10 men to the board each round from the beginning. Blue player, Asian lady icon.
Happened to me today. He added 15 troops the first few turns. Then 5th turn gave him self 500 and kept going up from there.. I can live with the teaming up but that just blatantly add thousands of troops and give no one else a chance how is that even fun for them. I really like this game a lot but that part needs to be fixed please see images attached

The Hell! How can people do that... and why isn't SMG doing anything to stop it?

After a week of playing I've come to the conclusion that the game is corrupt and you can't beat certain people who just want to cheat.  Such a shame because it's otherwise a great game.


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