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Player going first at game start draws no armies?

This just started happening a day or 2 ago. I noticed that the person who goes first at the start of the game draws no armies the first time. Is this to give those going later a better chance? I hate it when the computer randomly gives someone an entire continent (or group) and they draw more than 3 or 4!

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I noticed that the person who goes first now is actually the last one in the player list.  I assume this was a change to keep the person who goes first from getting an the extra advantage of placing troops first and getting the first set of territory cards.


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There is no advantage to cashing in territory cards first. I prefer to be last, and often do not attack at least one turn to do so. The bonus is so much bigger it is worth the wait.
With a fixed card bonus, there can definitely be an advantage.  Getting an early bonus can help one capture and fortify a continent early in the game.


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Changing the rules like this ruins the game
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