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Ai bias

Ive just played 3 games each of whichcontained AI players. On each occasion as soon as the player became an AI suddenly they become invunerable to attack. I actuallyhad a situation where i played 12 armies to 1 and lost every single one!! I have been playing this game for months and this is always the case. As soon as a player becomes an AI it gets equal or better dice. If a player drops out it should be frozen not replaced with an AI becausefranlly they ruin the game

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Check your dice roll percentage on your page, my percentage changed after new update they all used to be 16% but now my chances of rolling a one have increased to 18 % I attacked one player with 25 troops to his one and still lost.

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I have also noticed that if an AI takes over for a player and there are not many troops, it won't attack and yet still gets a card. SMG, please respond regarding this issue.

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I too have noticed AI getting cards without attacking. Also I have had AI attack me on a heavily defended country, while ignoring an open and weak country with a more strategic spot... why would this happen? Not once but over and over

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There are definite strategies for defeating the bots. I can't call them AI myself but they have got a bit more astute. I do have my own ideas of how to improve them even further but don't want to give away my secrets for success in an open forum!!
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