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Today I don't know how it was done but I saw and took pics of the game. We had a grandmaster in the game and as he was about to get beat then the game freezes then resets it self to the beginning, after playing for over 30 minutes. I don't pay for the game and expect this kind of cheating to be going on. I would like a refund of my purchase because this is absurd. The first picture was taken at 2:52 Mountain standard time. As you can see the player tim pinky 2 had no troops left as he was already defeated. The two last pictures have a time stamp on them. Look at the game timer the red bar on top from the previous picture is less than the latest picture timer has on. This has to be fixed. How do you developers allow this kind of cheating to take place??? Makes me think this Alain and Tim pinky are developer working for your company!!! How does a game reset to the beginning once it was supposed to be over???

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Here is the REAL problem: it is IMPOSSIBLE to win a game if RISK, playing by yourself, if two other players decide to "team up". That's the bottom line, period! It doesn't matter if you are playing IRL or O/L, whether there are 3, 4, 5, or 6 players, or what the rank of ANY of those players is. two players teamed up will always, always, always defeat the others. Online risk help to mitigate that problem if you can truly get a group of actually random competirors in a game. The ONLY way that I have found to assure that is to include 2 human players and the rest comps. There is literally no other way besides that arrangement to verify that you don't have two armies teaming up. whether those two armies are controlled by the same person or two different people is almost entirely irrelevant.
I know, this cheating is total BS. I was just playing and a player had three countries in Africa, 1 army, 1 army, 10 armies I had attacked and won all but the ten when the game froze and reconnected me I WAS BACK WHERE I STARTED AND NOW THE THREE COUNTRIES HAd 15, 18 and 10 armies Total bull Sh*T!!! How is it possible for you to allow people to hack the app?! This is broken and a waste of money

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During the start of my turn I had 11 troops in one country vs 1 troop of Andre's the Hammer 5 the game froze a split second and when it started back i had 1 troop and Andre's the Hammer had 11 troops. This is getting old how do they hack like this and how to avoid it. And I'm 99% the green and orange was colluding same player. But either way green Andres the Hammer 5 definitely cheater hacker
I was just hacked by Lexusgs35, critical point in game I just got set of cards and 125 troops in NA to single digits by Lexusgs35, then they sent like 2 message request in split second where I could not move then they froze the game a millisecond then magically gained 198 troops. Total BS and they need to be banned

I've never heard of that one, and as a player it's hard to say what's going on.  If it's a bug it will likely happen at a seemingly random point in the game.  If it's a hack, it will likely happen at a critical point in the game.  But it's very hard to tell with some strange events whether they're bugs or hacks.  A good hack could look like a bug, and a bad bug could look like a hack.

Wow @Mark ,

Thanks for your statistics: I never thought about the % to meet two granmasters in the same game, and, let me say, you are right. 

I'm playing this game - and I love it 'cause when I was young I was kinda addicted - for about one year (more or less) . About cheaters: I met only one time a guy who did double his army in a country at the end of turn. Just one time. Most of the time I met double-account-one-persona cheater type that you described. 

Then there is another issue that many people think is cheating but I'm not sure. Can be a bug: it's when your turn expires immediately and you are not able to do your move and system deploys your armies on behalf of you. Reading this forum I notice that many users met this problem .  

What do you think? bug or cheater? 

Agree on the privacy concern. I think one thing SMG could do is to build a battle log for users. Something like "most common player you're in battle with." This would easily give away the cheaters. 

And for non-cheaters, it's a great stat to see how many games you've played against your kid, SO, or parent. I would love stats like that. And if you do know that someone isn't a cheater, to see what that rivalry is like. 

I've definitely learned a lot from this forum. First, I never play GrandMasters now (I'm at Master level). No point unless it's 1-on-1 with bots but even then, it's a crap shoot since it's all luck rather than strategy. Anyway if there were more player info, I really believe that will help a great deal.

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I get what you're saying, but that idea has some serious privacy/security problems.  I, for one, would not want my IP address or my location to be made public like that.  Furthermore, there are still many devices that are not GPS enabled.  In fact, the device I use to play risk is not GPS enabled.

There are other ways to keep cheaters out of your games.  This is what I do:

1) I always host my games.  This gives me complete control over who can join.

2) I never play novices.  This stops most of the two account type cheaters because often one account will be a novice and the other will be an expert, master, of grandmaster.  It takes longer to get games going this way, but the extra time is worth it because it helps avoid cheaters.  Furthermore, I would do this even if it weren't for cheaters because most novices play like fools and often ruin otherwise good games.

3) If players join my game at the same time, I boot all of them except the highest ranking player.  More often than not, the high ranking player will leave too.  I'm even suspicious of players who join within 10 seconds of each other.

4) I never allow more than one player at or above master class into my games.  The probability of randomly running into more than one player at or above master class is roughly 0.00000484.  Master class starts at around rank 11,000 and according to SMG there are over 5 million players; (1.1*10^4 / (5*10^6))^2 = 4.84*10^-6.  So if you see more than one player at or above master class in a game, they are probably cheaters.  However, this isn't necessarily true if the host is a master.  I myself am a master and I always want another master (or grandmaster) in the game, but it's rare that I actually get to play against one.

Doing those four things will keep most cheaters out of your games.  Of course all that does nothing against the hack/cheaters, but they're much rarer than the two account cheaters.


It would be so easy avoid cheaters  if one would be able to see geo location and ip address of his opponents.  When one human uses 2 characters they must have in common at least one of these these two  things.  Now every devices is GPS-able so should be very easy implement this feature. 


We have banned several cheatrers, hackers and exploit users (double troop bug users) last week, and we are in the process of granting rank points to players who lost against those.

- Ivan@ SMG

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Fear of the walking dead hahahaahahahahaha :) the same granmasters also can make report button dissapear so i can not report him!!!!!

I have 1 primary rule I live by when it comes to who I will play Risk with and who I will allow to join my hosted games:

*  It doesn't matter if I am hosting or joining someone else's game...if I see a Grandmaster in that game, He is booted out if I'm hosting.  However if I join someone else's game, I just simply get the heck out of it or don't confirm my play..  Don't care how legit or not he is.  Not going to waste my time on a game that has a better than average likelihood of cheating going on.  

*  I used to also give the boot to anyone at the 'Master' level as well, but am more tolerant of that level now since I changed my game strategy of only allowing 1 human person to join me and the rest are the A.I. so in that way, it would be impossible for them to play 2 different accounts in the same game.

I am currently

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“ Renate Ironside 7 “ and “ Dan Abdiel Garcia de Leon “ are cheaters don’t play with them ... they need to add an option to block them from entering any future games you host at least

I'm with you. I like to play. I'm at Master level (around 4000) and when I hit a slump I drop to about 30,000. But I like playing and getting back up. And that requires playing against lots of various types.

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