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Lost connection to Game

re :This seems to only happen when I'm ahead, or about to win. And although the message says "attempting to rejoin the battle. Select the "X" button to cancel reconnection and forfeit the game", theres no attempts being made to reconnect. Is this a hacking attempt?

Yesterday after nearly an hour of play, and about to win, this "Lost connection" happened. And if it is hacking/cheating, you cant report it since you're locked out of the game.

This is killing me, why can’t you guys update the game so it properly connects when it’s lost connection to game. Maybe add a reload option like UE or something. It’s a long battle and to be about to win but suddenly says lost connection to game is unpractical. I love this game I just wish this didn’t happen so often. Especially when it takes 45 min for a battle.

Just playing an automatch game now, already killed 1 and about the kill a second player all but ensuring victory over the last player, then LOST CONNECTION TO GAME. Very annoying, but to be fair, maybe a few of my come from behind wins were because this took out the leader. SMG Studio, please try to resolve this.

I’m with you on this the game needs improvement on this issue it happened to me a few days ago. I messaged smg about the issue about about the points lost they Initially ignored the point I’m made about losing points. I wasn’t until I pointed it out in its own email that they done something about it. I’ve mentioned this before but they should show points gained and points to next lvl on your profile or Home Screen but make it private so only viewable by the player not others plus state how much points are worth for each rank and win therefore players can keep a record if they choose to.
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