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Fair Play Rules

Update: Please note that this is an old version of our Fair Play Rules. To view our most recent version, please visit this page:

Fair Play Rules

To clear up any confusion in the community on what constitutes cheating we have the following Fair Play Rules.

  1. Hacking the game, in any way, is (considered) cheating.

  2. Using multiple accounts in the same game (to gain an advantage over other players) is (considered) cheating.

  3. Playing with someone you know in Global Domination is cheating.

  4. Abusing a bug or glitch or knowingly encouraging abuse of these is cheating.

  5. Creating a negative experience for other players, by actions such as spamming excessively, refusing to end games, intentionally disrupting gameplay, delaying gameplay (stalling), or abusing our reconnection system intentionally, is cheating.

  6. Don't play with anyone you know or have external communication with in Global Domination. Use Play Friends or risk a ban!


If you wish to play with people you know please use the Play with Friends mode. If you still wish to play with friends against real opponents, this must still be done via Play Friends. Please use the RISK Community's #looking_for_game feature at 


What happens when a player is reported for any of the above?

The following action will be taken if they are found to have broken these rules; 

  • If the player was (found) hacking, they will be banned from RISK entirely.

  • Although we try to warn new players who might not be aware of the rules, such a warning is not guaranteed. You might be banned by automatic or semiautomatic systems before receiving such warning.

  • Should a player be banned - Their leaderboard position and rank points are completely removed. All games they have participated in for the current season, will have game results re-ordered so that they are placed last. All of their opponents will see this minor bonus.



Q: How do I report a player?

A: Report in-app by clicking on their avatar and clicking on the red triangle icon under their name in the Alliance Window. If you come across any suspected hacking - Create a support ticket at with the names of the players.


Q: Why can't I team up with my friends in Global Domination?

A: We take a "act as you would like to be acted towards" approach here. It is unfair to team up against unsuspecting player who believe they are entering a fair “free for all” game. The ranking system is designed for “free for all” gameplay, not teams.


Q: Will you be adding a team mode in the future?

A: Yes it’s our goal to release a team mode that allows you to play with friends or random allies against another team. No ETA on this currently, but you can find information here .


Q: Will more be done to prevent cheating?

A: Yes, we are currently rolling out a full suite of anti cheating features. Some have already been implemented and it’s logging play now. 

Q: What is the difference between forming alliances with stranger and forming one with friends? 

A: There is a difference between: the informal, temporary alliances forged and broken throughout the game (which, with all its betrayal, is an integral part of RISK) and starting a game with a friend or relative as well as strangers in there. This is intentional ganking and will not be tolerated. If you just want to play for the fun of it with your friends, start a "Play with Friends" game against AI opponents.

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Yes, SMG is super useless. They like to ban people just because some loser complain but then they don't show why. When asked to show evidence, they just keep quiet and then close the ticket without even responding to it! Might as close this whole site if they don't feel like working.

I can only play on my iPad , a distraction at work. It is however unfair that some players are able to move about the board at lightning speed. This is an unfair advantage to these players. These games are won on the speed of movement. This glitch needs to be fixed.

This is not a glitch. It is a skill. Anyone can do this if they learn and practice.
Can you clearly articulate how this is achievable on a iPad touch screen, I’m sure practice and experience will come in time.
I’m sorry. I’m on a desktop with a keyboard. An iPad would be problematic at best. But you can watch YouTube videos that will help give you an idea.

Hey, Forest Kinnett why would anyone want to do it?  As James Gent said it might be achievable on any device, but what about those that don't have the use of their fingers or hands, just a mouse who so dearly enjoy the game?  

But James, I play on my Windows PC with 3 monitors as the middle one has a 34" ultra-wide curve.  Love it, but that is beside the point.  I did find a way to get around the speed demons and have banned them for life.  For every person I play, if they start to speed play, I simply take their name and add them to my list of people who do this kind of play.  So far my list is 308 and it grows every day but adding one more name to it.   If I beat them great, but they still get their name added.  Most of the time, I just drop out of the game and add their name.

But the biggest cheater that I have found is SMG themselves.  I have told them about what I had discovered and I'm waiting to hear back from them within a week.  On the other part of my 34" screen, I have another sheet that has the date I played, the Starting Score, the ending Score, Points given, and the rank I played.    You might be surprised at what I found out if you keep a running total for about 1 week.  

Agree Dan. SMG are losers and cheaters themselves. Don't want to address the problem, don't want to show evidence. Then they themselves went to delete the comments to show that they are non responsive. How loser they are.

Dan. What I’m talking about is not a hack. It’s just using your mouse and enter button pointing on the next territory to attack. There is nothing but dexterity with this. I’m relatively quick but not lightening speed. It really helps in those 60 second turn games. But it is not a hack or a cheat. Just dexterity and quick decision making.
I’m sorry for the confusion but what I’m talking about is not a cheat. Just using the mouse and enter (or return on a Mac) key to quickly execute your attack. It’s not a hack or a cheat. Check out YouTube and you will see what I’m talking about. Again apologies for the confusion.
So what you are saying is, risk is a multi level playing game. You have a PC with a mouse, then you have everyone else. I suppose after 120 games expert is as high as I’m going to get.

Risk is faster and easier on a PC. Also, slower handheld devices won't fair so well. I'd say that my speed on a touch device is close to what I can do on the PC but the PC is certainly faster. Just play games with longer timers if you're concerned about not being able to run the map in one turn. 

I was recently suspended for the second time without explanation for cause other than "repeated violation of the FPP". I don't cheat or exploit bugs or glitches. I vehemently hate cheaters . They're sick people. The system needs some serious overhauling if it can't keep out the cheaters and keeps honest right playing folk like myself

WTF. Your Bot is awfull.. as it bans me over and over again althogh i havn't brake any of the rules.. just because it finds me playing from time to time with same players who happens to join the game i'm oppening. The staff of the this site already apologize to me admits that their bot is misidentify me for potential cheats only coz some players return to play at my table, and that's why i'm being banned again and again.

So guess what, the bot has not modified yet and i'm still being banned over and over again. 

why should we pay you for an unlimited play if your bots keep banning us for no reason?

Any answer? Why won't you rturn us our money if you don't deliver?

Absolutely ridiculous, I’ve been give a 24 hour ban but don’t know why! Can’t get a reply and was informed that I’ve been told numerous times? I sent in a ticket complaining about the lack of fairness and was told that playing the same player is seen as cheating. I can’t stop someone from joining a game I create. I set the level to expert or above and am limited by those who I play. This is an absolute ridiculous ban and to be ignored only makes it worse.

That's a pretty fair rule considering the cheating done by people teaming up with multiple accounts and even if you're not teaming up, playing with the same person again and again could be seen as you using other accounts to prop up fake wins for yourself.

I suggest that Risk just automatically filters games from players you've already hit the max on so you can't even find each other. That's the easiest way to do it. Thinking beyond that, I think for the sake of ranks, they should establish a specific game criteria that you must play under and randomize the games, then just use the algorithm to keep the same people from playing each other too often and that would definitely make it tough to use multiple accounts to gang up on people. I would say the only thing you can control in this type of match-up is how many players in the game, since some of us like 6 and others might prefer 4 or 5.

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