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RISK Team battles

IDEA: a new RISK game mode where players battles as teams, either 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3. Teams win together instead of single player victories.

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What about a tournament structure?

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For a tournament you would be forced to wait for players to finish.
This could be a good addition but I would miss the feeling of having conquered the entire world . The point of the game is world domination.

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Harmon Rambo, then it could be called half world domination.
This would be really fun to play with friends :)

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This is a great idea and would be insanely fun

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A better chat system would have to be implemented though...

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Yes!!! Finaly I can play Risk with my friends and wife WITHOUT getting mad at each other if we can play on the SAME TEAM. It sounds like a wonderful idea. Then you still earn points on the ranking right? Please dont take away the ranking points.. All my friends would LOVE teamplay! So make it happen.

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This was my idea! Get everyone you know who plays to vote on it so we can get it integrated into the game!

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Make this happen!!

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On Teams, there could also be an option for 2v2v2 to allow three teams to play against each other

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Absolutely. 2v2v2 is a great option!! That sounds like real fun. Can't wait untill they make teambattle come to life:-)

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I like the idea of teams. I think to make it fair since it is a global game we need a better communication system or teams would have to be randomly assigned This would frustrate the family members but it would be fair since people not in the same house cannot communicate in game.

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Nice I can imagine myself doing that.....
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