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Fair Play Rules

Update: Please note that this is an old version of our Fair Play Rules. To view our most recent version, please visit this page:

Fair Play Rules

To clear up any confusion in the community on what constitutes cheating we have the following Fair Play Rules.

  1. Hacking the game, in any way, is (considered) cheating.

  2. Using multiple accounts in the same game (to gain an advantage over other players) is (considered) cheating.

  3. Playing with someone you know in Global Domination is cheating.

  4. Abusing a bug or glitch or knowingly encouraging abuse of these is cheating.

  5. Creating a negative experience for other players, by actions such as spamming excessively, refusing to end games, intentionally disrupting gameplay, delaying gameplay (stalling), or abusing our reconnection system intentionally, is cheating.

  6. Don't play with anyone you know or have external communication with in Global Domination. Use Play Friends or risk a ban!


If you wish to play with people you know please use the Play with Friends mode. If you still wish to play with friends against real opponents, this must still be done via Play Friends. Please use the RISK Community's #looking_for_game feature at 


What happens when a player is reported for any of the above?

The following action will be taken if they are found to have broken these rules; 

  • If the player was (found) hacking, they will be banned from RISK entirely.

  • Although we try to warn new players who might not be aware of the rules, such a warning is not guaranteed. You might be banned by automatic or semiautomatic systems before receiving such warning.

  • Should a player be banned - Their leaderboard position and rank points are completely removed. All games they have participated in for the current season, will have game results re-ordered so that they are placed last. All of their opponents will see this minor bonus.



Q: How do I report a player?

A: Report in-app by clicking on their avatar and clicking on the red triangle icon under their name in the Alliance Window. If you come across any suspected hacking - Create a support ticket at with the names of the players.


Q: Why can't I team up with my friends in Global Domination?

A: We take a "act as you would like to be acted towards" approach here. It is unfair to team up against unsuspecting player who believe they are entering a fair “free for all” game. The ranking system is designed for “free for all” gameplay, not teams.


Q: Will you be adding a team mode in the future?

A: Yes it’s our goal to release a team mode that allows you to play with friends or random allies against another team. No ETA on this currently, but you can find information here .


Q: Will more be done to prevent cheating?

A: Yes, we are currently rolling out a full suite of anti cheating features. Some have already been implemented and it’s logging play now. 

Q: What is the difference between forming alliances with stranger and forming one with friends? 

A: There is a difference between: the informal, temporary alliances forged and broken throughout the game (which, with all its betrayal, is an integral part of RISK) and starting a game with a friend or relative as well as strangers in there. This is intentional ganking and will not be tolerated. If you just want to play for the fun of it with your friends, start a "Play with Friends" game against AI opponents.

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Thank you!
Good I’m tired of all the cheaters in the game.

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Love the Game, hate the cheaters....I am almost forced to create my own game every time and cherry pick who is playing in the hopes that I can weed out cheaters. It’s bad enough being ganged up on by a multiplayer cheater but the hackers who are able to bypass your turn are the worst

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Thank youu
Cierto hay muchos tramposos, estoy cansado de jugar contra las falsas alianzas . Con cuántos puntos se cambia de rango ?. Gracias
Wow! Its about time. I guess SMG finally agrees that friends playing together is unfair. I would be stricter and say you can't play friends without using the play friends game mode because it's still easy to help each other without looking like a team up. But it's a step in the right direction to start banning players so I'm somewhat satisfied. Speaking of! How do you ban them? Killing their account is good if they have high rank but i doubt you can stop making new accounts even with banning a MAC address or IP.
I don’t think they can prevent a determined user from using the app since it is available to the public. But they can inconvenience them greatly and undo their work. What we really need is an automated system to stop cheaters from getting far up the ranks without anyone having to report them. That would probably cause most cheaters to give up. I hope that is what they are referring to in the last paragraph.
I absolutely hate cheating and cheaters when I was 15 I'm 30 now but I cheated alot with my friends I changed alot I got checked by a guy my age now cheating is bad you should not do it.
This is the best news here! SMG studios has gone up in ranking in my eyes!
Bravo SMG! Finally something is being done to get rid of the cheaters. There are many of us that will take the time to put in a ticket and it’s so nice to see something will be done with it. It looks like SMG is taking an active approach to remove cheaters! Thanks SMG.

 Way back in the old days when I played StarCraft, they had a rule that said you can't play a player more than 2 times a week or you're automatically deleted. A similar rule might help. Having "regular" games and "ladder" games would be a way to help, You could require x amount of regular games before you can even play ladder/ranked. And have strict rules like no player with the same IP allowed. If players had to create significant profiles / be a little more identifiable, then I think cheating will greatly reduce. For example, require linking to a facebook account and if you get caught, that account is banned. Yeah you can create multiple FB or google accounts but adding more steps to it would greatly deter it. I have 6 grandmaster accounts and could easily make myself #1 by just playing myself and milking more rank off other players in legit games. But that's a waste of my precious time and no fun. Plus, what do I care if someone sees me go to the top ranks yet nobody has ever played me? I am certain it's just a list of cheaters anyway.

The ultimate anti-cheating solution is to randomize ranked games. All you are allowed to do is push the "auto" or "ladder" button and the game matches you up with the game settings you prefer and similar ranks. You have no choice in what game you play and you can't easily sneak other accounts into the same game. At ow volume hours maybe but during those times when there's 50+ games open, good luck. You can also add an algorithm to prevent accounts from playing each other often. After a game you're not going to see each other again for a week plus. Something like that.

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Dude, why the hell do you have SIX frikkin accounts? Why on Earth do people need more than one - especially if you log in with your Google account?

Anyway, SMG should have done this ages ago - so better late than never lol

Hopefully their upcoming Anti-Cheating system works properly and eliminates this (soul destroying!) issue permanently

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Thanks!! The cheaters ruin a good game.
I wanna report carla tarnaka 5 ! I just finished the game with him and 3-4 rounds in a row he received 100+ troops!!! Wtf! My money back now!

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