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The community forum activity has really dropped off...

Just seems like there's only like one new post a week... thoughts?

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I literally have 2 ppm on my risk friends list, sectaone, and some random that played a great game, I used to add every expert and up I could find until I realized just how difficult it is to set up friend games...
I did the same thing Chris. Until I actually tried to start a friends game. It was impossible. You should be able to start a friends game with one or two friends and also be able to add fandoms. The fact that I have to fill the entire game with friends without opening it up to ransoms makes it a completely pointless feature.
Chris & Tyler (and anyone else) either of you guys down for a game of progressive this Thursday or maybe Wednesday night? If we are going to get six people playing regularly we will have to start somewhere. I could definitely play fixed also but that does take hours.
Well somebody's not shy about putting their personal info out there lol. I work 3rd shift EST and sectaone is in PST I'm pretty sure, I could probably do 7pm EST but will only have a 2hr window to play... I almost always play in the mornings after work; at least one game every other day, minimum.
I'm beginning to get the impression that there's only like 5 - 7 ppl that use the forums now... even SMG hasn't posted anything in a lil while (as far as I can tell). Where yall at SMG? *Unrelated* if it's 1pm on a monday in Washington D.C., what day/time is where yall (SMG) are at? Just curious what the best time to converse with yall is....
My Facebook is set to private and I don’t have any sensitive info on there anyhow, so I’m not shy about sharing my FB profile. I think people are way to scared about online shit personally. It’s not like I have my home address, social security number, date of birth, and passport number stored in FB. It’s just some pictures. Not really hiding any secrets. Shoot me a note on messenger and let me know who you are and I will accept. I can do mornings too. (Between 6:30am-8am est)

I agree - the blame lays squarely on the shoulders of Hasbro... why on Earth did they give the franchise to a small, unknown company based out in the wilderness of Australia which is run by Crocodile Dundee lol!

No doubt SMG does have great graphic designers - but their coders are mediocre and have little if any work ethic... nor does the management have much commercial sense or ambition!

However, I could be wrong - as we speak, maybe they are working on an AWESOME new update which fixes all the problems and adds all the features people have been requesting... which is why they are too busy to even reply to people on the forum here!

Then again, maybe they really are just mediocre lol - in which case all we can hope is that SMG either go bust and Risk is sold off to another (far better!) developer... or Hasbro realises the error of their ways and revokes the licence from them!

What say you Phil?!

@Aitch Unless SMG has lost a few key employees, I don't think mediocrity is the reason. I've been playing since Hasbro released the game, long before SMG was in charge of tech support. If you had an issue then you had to email Hasbro directly - which was not an easy task. Personally, I believe that SMG has brought this game a long way, even with the few coding errors that's accompanied their progress. The biggest problem people have now is cheaters, but that's a harder problem to solve than most people might think - since no software is being tampered with by people using alternate accounts. Short of banning IP adresses, I can't really think of a solid solution....
Even that wouldn’t be a solution and might do harm. Too many dynamic IPs and VPN/proxy users. Not too mention switching to data. I still say just automate a record inspection process for the top accounts and also use it randomly on all active accounts. SMG has said they’re working on that so that’s good. Right now I have played with two of the top 4 accounts and they are both complete cheaters. SMG demoted one of them but he’s back now and the other time they never responded to my ticket. So from that sample I suspect the upper reaches of the leaderboard must be packed with cheaters at a much higher percentage than any other group. Some of them don’t even play anyone else but just always play there own accounts only. What a joke! They are making a mockery of SMG and their leaderboard. I have a lot more to say about the short comings of the leaderboard and how people who play 1v1 can get there fairly easily but playing against lots of well-ranked opponents gets less recognition even though it deserves more, but I’ll stop there. SMG has done a lot for the game. Hasbro is bigger but don’t seem to want to do all the work on the game that SMG has done and is doing.
Those are some great points sectaone, but I am a bit confused about one thing; the automatic record inspection process. Would you care to elaborate what it is and how it would help? If SMG can't control cheaters, perhaps the ranking system should be discarded - I feel like that would discourage it...

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SectaOne seems to know a lot more than me on this subject. But I would think it would be fairly easy for SMG to look at those top players and see if they are playing say 90% of their matches with the same movie ranked opponent (a 2nd account). That would be a clear sign of cheating. They could do something about that, and a team least the cheaters would have to spend a lot of time constantly creating new accounts. Or we could just track their IP addresses and rally a posse to go round them up and lynch them in the town center. I’ve got plenty of rope...
*novice ranked opponent, not movie. Autocorrect got me
We know SMG keeps basic data about games like who was in them and what place they finished in. They just need a script to analyze the data either for top accounts only or randomly for everyone. It would check to see if they often/always play with one or more accounts on the same IP address, always win, or often/always play the same opponent(s) then cheaters would be caught and action taken against them automatically. That should cause most every cheater to give up. Yes SMG could check the top players manually and I’ve suggested that as a start since it is easy but they won’t spend time on that.
Anyone up for a game this evening?
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