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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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I literally just played them! They work together quite well, and by the time the rest of us realized it, it was already over. If you play them just keep in mind they are essentially one player. I wouldn't call it cheating though. Id definitely like to play them again.
Doug M., I'm duke swift 4. I have no idea who the other guy is-just checked my friends, not there. I'm guessing it was an alliance that actually held. (Don't recall anything-3 months ago. I'm sure you reported it with a ticket. I heard nothing from smg-so it's safe to assume it was investigated and found unwarranted.
Gents....and Ladies as well of course.... let's not get hung up on this cheating thing....the reality is that 90% if not more, in this game, is pure luck...the territories that you are dealt with, the draw of the dice, and the draw of the risk cards... all arbitrarily. Skill is quite limited. So you geniuses out there that think you are a brilliant player.... you are brilliant at luck.... good luck to all!
Just as bad as collusion is when you actually make it to Master and when you join a game everyone in the game attack should because knocking you out gives them more points. There is zero reason to level up as it only hurts your ability to actually play a game.
Sam I disagree. You could play however you want with the guideline of 1 user. Once you start playing with 2 users, youre abusing the game. Risk let's you have alliances short-term/long-term within that framework of the game. It's a tactic on its own since you can't alliance with someone too long then they'll eventually defeat you, only one person comes out winner. But to have 2 accounts, especially when when it's a 3 or 4-way game, there's no skilll anymore, chances of one of those accounts to win is over 50%. And that's called cheating. The make alliance/ignore/make alliance trick when other people are attacking is within the games tactics. Not saying that it's 100% right, but it's another tactic "if you can do it fast enough so timer will go out".

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Sam that is 100% wrong. If you play progressive I agree there is a LOT of luck as to when you get cards, but in fixed there is a lot more skill. There is some luck to the game, but since dice rolls and territory assignments tend to level out over time, the skill you use to determine when and where to attack,  who you ally with, when to break and alliance etc. Bottom line is if you use 2 accounts in a game, you have negated luck and skill both and given yourself and unfair advantage. The game is no longer fun for anyone and actually makes the cheater rather pathetic because you are no longer playing the game but just winning. I find almost all Grand Masters cheat. My opinion, do away with levels and just have everyone play without titles.


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Shimon and Keith, I have seen users playing with 2 accounts have both accounts defeated for multiple reasons like: they were automatically assigned bad starting positions, they were too wreck less and wasted their troops early, the other players realized that they were working together and made alliance to defeat them... etc. Sam is not 100% wrong. You could be an awesome player and have things fall apart quickly due to bad "luck" or game randomness. I've seen games where no matter how many times you reinforce a position the computer just will not let you defeat those last two troops keeping you from taking a continent in time. I've seen players form alliances and work to defeat someone for no reason at all and then lose! There are times where this game just makes no logical sense so you can't say that luck isn't a factor.
Luck is a factor, but in the longer run, logic and skill will win more times than it loses, so yes on occasion a cheater will lose, but ingenerL the advantage they have will prevail most of the time
1 Player, 2 accounts is essentially sitting down to a board game and one player plays 2 colors of armies. The only difference is in this online version, you don't often know that until it's too late.

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Larkin Rampage 2 and Parker Freedom 5 (I may have the numbers reversed) are a master and grandmaster pair of the most obvious cheaters you will ever see.... but our game realized it in time and everyone ganged up and took them out, it was amazing.
Another cheating technique I am noticing, is you sit at a table that has 6 slots, as soon as you do they boot the other 3 spots which were bots and start the game, now you are alone against 2 cheaters and of course they wipe you out quickly... happened to me twice

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Two more losers : sageshandler19 (beginner) & Alan The Great 6 (novice). Both players were OBVIOUSLY the same person. They didnt attack each others all game. Then when one had a chance to eliminate a legit player to grab his 5 cards (8 vs 1) he decided to fortify and let the other get the kill & cards. Fucking pathetic.
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So what cheat is being used?

- Did anyone roll all sixes every roll?

- Did anyone have unlimited troops?

- Did anyone have GOD mode enabled, and you can't attack them?

- Did anyone take over your game?

Did anyone actually cheat, and what was the cheat?

Two players playing together is cheap, but it's called an EXPLOIT, and not fixable.

As long as both players are rolling the same dice as you, and complying with all the same rules as you, whats the cheat?

Note, I don't like allying, and I typically don't ever ally, but I do at least understand an EXPLOIT vs a CHEAT!

Everyone needs to stop yelling at the developers to fix an exploit, which isn't fixable.

It's like asking a loser to stop being a loser, and start playing more honest.

- Its a character flaw, but still not cheating!!!

Matt L - Would you say that if you signed up to play a 1 on 1 game of basketball that it was cheating if your opponent brought another player to help him? You know, someone to spread the floor, grab rebounds, things like that?  The two players are not equally trying to win. If you could watch til the end of a game, you would see one would just quit as soon as all the other players were gone. That is the cheating that is occurring in some of these games and it is definitely fixable. They can make the room assignments random based on what board and style you want to play. They can enable a better chat.

I also want to say that I have played hundreds of games and only ran into this type of cheating 6-7 times. Some people say it is rampant but I don't see it. There are a ton of assholes in this world (and if you are cheating like this on a mobile game, you are a bit of an asshole), it is nice to call one out once in awhile.  


I agree Risk could do a lot more to control the cheating, I like the random assignment idea, and better chat may not stop it but would allow other players to call it out. But it is rampant, I honestly think it affects 75% or more of games I play, and I am talking about obvious cheating that goes beyond alliances,
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