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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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I would also like to thank Johann. IP address tracking would only be an indicator. You could use a vpn for one device or have a phone on 4g and a tablet on the wifi. Also I sometimes play with friends from the same ip address and we definately dont work together. Maybe a simple database to report cheating would work. It would be easy to identify the worst cheaters and take away some ranking point.

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It be great if they just had an automated check of the leaderboard to keep it from getting cluttered with cheaters.

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True, I bet most of the cheating mofos play one device on WiFi and the other on Cellular... but blocking double IP's would get rid of some of them

Then, use GPS location to get rid of the rest of them - by preventing two accounts joining a game if they are both located in the same 10 metre radius etc 

Obviously this would also prevent two friends from playing if they are sitting in the same room - but SMG could create a Setting that allows "Nearby Players" to join if enabled... 

There seems to be a similar option already in the Settings, which allows/disallows people to join if they are on the same WiFi network = 



Clayton Weaver
I agree, this game is ruined by cheaters who play two or more accounts in the same game. Players from the same Internet-network should not be able to join the same game. Maybe rankings should be removed? And a possibility to block obvious cheaters?

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I'm out. Gameplay is ruined because of people who play two or more accounts.

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These pieces of shit. They didn't even make an attempt to hide that they were tag teaming me. I should have learned that 2 people with the same number at the end of their moniker is just too coincidental. What the hell is wrong with you cheating pricks? You're so pathetic that you can't even play a game of risk without having to have the upper hand? Grow up. Or play cribbage with your mom and cheat against her you foul humans. BUSTER BURN 10 and GUSTAVE CHUMPSTON 10 you are both or singularly assholes.
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Reading what some others have written, good idea to track IP. I have submitted tickets before and it is seemingly useless. And reading this thread to try to remember who not to play is not working for me as I have the memory of a snail. Is there a way to add a player rank system? Not one for you to say oh this guy whooped me so I'm going to rank him poor and the whole world can see. One that allows you to simply place a check mark or an x beside their players name so when you enter into a potential battle you can choose to fight the losing battle or find that is better suited in your attempt at global domination. If this was stored on your server I wouldn't have to reference my book of shitheads every time. With this method they will piss off enough people that no one will play with them eventually. Also, funny story for you. I work in construction and I rent from a rental company large quantities of equipment. At the bottom of their emailed responses it said "we appreciate your patience as we are streamlining the process of billing, please be patient" I find this humorous that this is a similar response from SMG. I and I'm certain many other fans would offer to help filter thru all the shit with you and for you for free. Send me my first task anytime you want. Screen shots and or a clip of the game in question and I will give you a reply..... punish them! Or it was an honest glitch!

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Just logged a ticket for these cheating wanker logins:

Elige Huge 10 (Orange)
Antone Bond 10 (Red)
Helmer Blintz 10 (Blue)
(Screen shot attached)

Don't these morons realise it's pointless to cheat at these games? They gain nothing from it, no money, no respect, no skills. They just waste our time and their own.

This has happened in every game I have tried to play recently. Despite assurances from SMG Studios that they are trying to do something about it, 11 months after this thread was first created the problem is worse than ever. Why should I have to waste my time raising tickets that get ignored? Anyone that pays for premium access should be given a full refund. I doubt I'll waste my time with this anymore, Googleplayer rating = 1*.  

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good point Kieran! It is frustrating as hell. And it is terrible that nothing happens with it from SMG. There really is no point in issuing a ticket as nothing happens clearly. I just played a game and another round of ass hat cheating. Blue send me an alliance request, I agreed then he sandbags me and yellow cleans me up everywhere else and then focuses on red. Red quits, so their player dies nothing then it's just me against blue and yellow. Shaunq1 and casual bruiser whatever. Piece of crap.
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Here is a 2 account cheater. The blue player in this screen shot allowed red to control Asia when it was unprotected. Then red eliminated everyone else. I spectated to watch what happened next. Red simply stopped attacking and allowed blue to win. Do not play with Jane Spasenoski. 2 account cheater.

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Wow! No wonder SMG has so much of a problem clearing bugs and resolving the cheaters issue. It looks like they can't even get their Ticketing system working properly.

I received the email below today, telling me to follow the link to check my ticket status. But when I do, it tells me that I have no tickets open. (P.s. if by some miracle someone from SMG support picks up on this post and tries to investigate the ticket was raised against an alternative login and email address. But you'll be able to recognise that it's the same person, with the same name)

"Dear Kieran,
There is a new comment on your ticket. You can view your ticket by visiting
You can also reply to this email to add your comment.
Ticket comment
Team @ SMG –

Thank you for this report. This is an automated message to let you know this cheating report has now been processed. An agent will investigate in the near future.
If this cheating report was an accident, feel free to close it.
If you need help with something outside of just reporting a cheater, we suggest you create another ticket under the category “Problem/bug” or “Question” detailing what it was you needed help with. This is important since cheating reports are not sent to the same place as bug reports and questions. We would not want your support request to get lost!
Have a good day.

SMG Studio: Support and Forum Support Team"

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It is strange that you cannot access the ticket. We have it still and can access it through the link. As the ticket comment says we have processed it and will be investigating shortly.

- Phillip@SMG

Hi Phillip@SMG,

Thanks for the response. I can see the ticket now (as per attached screen shot 1 - 09.01.2018).

I couldn't see the ticket yesterday when I received the email (as per attached screen shot 2 - 08.01.2018)

Not sure what the problem was. Seems ok now. Thanks


Encouraging update from a ticket submitted on cheaters last month I wanted to share here:


Hi cjohnson596,


These players have been confirmed and cheaters and punished.




Appreciated the response and follow up by Phillip@SMG

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