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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Carson Truth 6 and Butler Rambeaux 7 are the same person, watch out for them...
MacKeeng is a very obvious cheater. He together with okey the bear 9, who is his novice ‘sidekick’. Okey the bear 9 just sat in a corner doing almost nothing throughout the whole game, except occasionally attacking me. There was one time when he could have easily knocked out another player with one territory to get his cards (instead he just deliberately passed on the opportunity to MacKeeng to seize that players cards). Disgusting and blatant cheating, in fact the worst I have ever seen! It’s so obvious that it sickens me that there isn’t even any attempt to disguise it! At least with other cheaters they try to make it not so obvious!

Finding cheaters in risk seems like a ideal problem that can be solved using the AI features that are in all the main cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


For anyone not familiar with how these work is that you take all the data you have about a game. This should things like usernames, IP addresses, Platform, Complaints about a game, Length of game. Rankings etc. Basically anything at all you know about the game and the players.


Then you need to produce a dataset of games that were won by cheating and dataset of clean games. This is something that would take a little time but I am sure staff and volunteers could review games and flag them as clean or cheating games. This then becomes what is called the "training set". You give the AI systems this dataset and then they learn what games with cheating look like. Obviously the bigger and better the dataset the better the AI engine can learn.


One you have trained the AI engine then you pass a game to the engine and it will return a figure for how confident it is that a game included cheating.


I am interested in these kind of computer system but it is not really my speciality. Are there any experts in cloud AI who could comment on this.

Hamilton smooth bore 5 & stone trump 5 These two are Cheating it must be the same person master and grand master , green and blue , it even got to the stage that green did not cash on cards or attack Blue and chose to fortify. Quite sad it ruins the game .
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(888 KB)
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I have deleted the risk app from my iPad and I will never play the game ever again. There are too many cheats, there are too many bugs and connection problems (especially the one that freezes auto matches before they even begin, causing you to lose), and worst of all, evil and stupid novices who get angry at you for the slightest attack and then attack you exclusively, causing both of you to lose the game (or who are cheaters).

How do you report cheaters?

Yesterday I met these 2; they either fall in love at first sight, or they are cheaters, because they played as one player.


At the top of this page is a + New Support Ticket feature. You can report them there. Stay on as a spectator and screenshot how they act after you are gone. Most of the time, one will lay over and die as the other wins.

I don't know how successful the ticket process is in banning cheaters.

I believe they also look at how many games they have played together in the same room.


Slate Skulls 8, and Chester Ward 4
I'm not sure what is worse? Cheaters or the fact that smg won't do anything about these asshat cheaters. Fix this please SMG, you have a potentially great platform but you are letting it slip through the cracks. These assholes are clearly colluding and I dropped 30,000 rank points. It's frustrating as hell to have fight hard to get a decent ranking and then drop off so much in one battle.
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Hey guys,

Reminder to make support tickets about cheaters you run into if you want to actually report them. These forum posts are not the best way to report people.

- Phillip@SMG

Just for clarification:

- We look into each reported case (support ticket), and if there is a smoking gun, it has consequences for the cheaters - with a ban being the max. penalty.

- As for hackers, this can't be really avoided, as any Android App can be reverse-engineered to a certain degree. We are trying to push app aupdates more frequently in order to make the hacker's life harder.

- We are also working on a system making it for cheaters harder to get into games with honest players.THis is planned for the first quarter of 2018.


- Johann@SMG


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@Phillip@SMG - That's a tough sell. In my ~200 games played I've only submitted a report for one game that had blatant cheating. In the month since the report I haven't heard anything back from SMG, and the player (Slate Skulls 8) is still active in the Grandmaster ranks (see image).


I'm not inclined to submit a ticket to SMG again based on this experience. However, here on the forums I can share a cheating player's name and other players can watch for them to prevent them from their own games.

@ Johann@SMG - that's encouraging news about the 2018-Q1 update

@cjohnson596 I just tracked down that report and you are correct that that one is still outstanding. It takes us some time to get through all the cheating reports. Hence why we need the automated system. Just a heads up in most cases we do not reply with the result of the investigation.

You are free to post any cheaters here of course, I was just clearing it up for any passers by that this is not where you post to report a player.

- Phillip@SMG

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@Phillip@SMG - thanks man

Johann... Welcome Aboard!

Actually getting an informative post outta SMG is akin to a miracle lol - are you a new member of staff... or have you been hiding all this time dude?!

Cheating should get kicked in the nuts - knocking them down to the bottom of the rank table, and giving them a ban, is really the only thing that will have any kind of impact on these mofos... but hopefully they are just temporary bans, otherwise you could see a marked decline in players lol

Hackers are inevitable - but usually they focus on cracking your software to get Premium features for free... the minority who use hacks to cheat can be identified quickly and easily if you code in safe-guards against highly unusual activity... like a player impossibly receiving 500 troops at the beginning of a round etc...

What have you got planned for 2018 (and why couldn't you have done it in 2017!)?

The biggest problem is one person using two accounts in a game - and is a pretty simple fix if you track IP and location...

Anyway, it's good to see that at least one person is doing some work at SMG lol!

Go Johann! 

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