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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Blanca twist 4 and lou hound 7. One grand master and the other novice. Obvious cheaters.


alton macgruff 7

orval muttonchop 7

CHEATERS: "GrandMaster" Jules the Petite 7 and its "Expert" sockpuppet Ferd Esquire 8.

Master here. Hard earned. Faced some cheating before. Never cared much. Never ever cheated, myself, because what fun is that? Suspected cheaters before who had "plowed" into me or "hounded" me for no particular reason or rationale.

I always host.

A couple of hours ago: Intermediate joined second. Then, poof, a "GrandMaster" and an "Expert" joined together. I sensed something was off but first time seeing a GM. I delved in. I was suspicious from the start. Started taking screenshots. EFFING BASTARDS!!!!









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Nazih Hawi  -  ahah!! ha good one. There has to be some Admin action right now. 

There is a very easy fix to the cheaters problem: add a local "do not play with" blacklist, where you can add other players' names to prevent them from playing with you. Store it locally on your device as a text file, so it's small. Prospective players could be screened against it before being allowed to join a game you host.

Obviously, it wouldn't catch every cheater -- but you'd only come up against a cheater once. (And by checking this forum, you could find and add the names of more cheaters to prevent them from playing against you.)


Different idea to reduce cheaters.

Game finder, you set what games your looking for (60 secs, auto populate, map, etc), it auto joins you to random game. No more team joining which would greatly reduce two on one, etc.

Move team joins to different section, as Risk was really meant to be One vs All anyways.

I am a fan of local black lists though :)

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==[christobell]== and Nicholas Novik avoid them
Has anyone else run into this? I'm not sure if it's a new cheat or just a bug. I set up games with several computer players. In 3 of my last 8 games, one of the computer players suddenly stopped attacking anyone and just added armies to territories. In all cases, this happened when this computer player would have attacked a continent controlled by another human player. I now suspect this is a cheat because of 2 in-game events: 1. When I eliminated the human player benefitting from the "frozen" computer player in all 3 cases, the frozen computer player began attacking again. 2. The frozen computer player in one game suddenly started attacking again and another computer player became frozen...again when it benefitted the same human player. Luckily control of the computer players seems to be limited to one at a time.
Yes I have also encountered to cheaters today both Masters. 10 18 17. I will give you their names Wolffpuppy11 & mattkaustik. They both carry the rank of Master. I watch the entire game play out and it is obvious to anyone that they are clearly working together. It is highly disconcerting. Especially when you wait all day to play you get into a game and it's totally stacked against you because you have two people working together it's unconscionable and something needs to be done about it. Thank you
Well I can see that there's lots of cheating going on in many different ways I was just robbed by two players Masters I posted their name earlier. I also played in a cheating game where a player was eliminated and somehow was able to come back into the game and like everybody was frozen. But clearly there's all sorts of cheating going on and all sorts of way I'm starting to finding out. It's a shame because this game is great I love playing it. But it's soon to be where I'm not going to play it anymore because people are just ruining it. SMG Hasbro needs to do something about this cuz it's outrageous and it's disconcerting. They talked about how they have a small team and there's not much they can do but watch my last game and watch these two cheats explain to a six-year-old there working together kick them out of the game and don't let them back
Not quite cheating.... This is more of a tactical pep talk. Jules Pericolo 6........ All I can say is very very sour grapes. Me? Grandmaster rank who has not cheated to get to that rank. You? Beginner or Novice and likely to remain so. Did my usual, created a game of 4 players. Me, two Expert AI opponents and one space for a human. This way, I cannot be a victim of cheating. I am not cheating by setting this game up. What annoys me is that this pillock (no wonder his rank is an irrelevance!) just goes all out attack on me rather than trying to win the game. If you want to stand a chance of winning, play a sensible game. If you don’t like the bots then click out before the game starts or set your own little game up, k sweetie? Outcome? Despite this little nuisance attacking my heavily fortified Oceania continent and getting some lucky die rolls, I still wipe the little toe rag out first and get all his cards. Then it was a simple matter of outplaying the two AI opponents. Warning.... Try that tactic on with me, you will lose 95% of the time. At best you’ll finish third....depends if I have to deal with an AI before getting to you. You didn’t ally with me but for future reference, if you break an alliance, I will bomb you back to the dark ages, k gorgeous? Best to sit there, be respectful and hope I allow you to finish 2nd. Which I will because I am quite honorable unless you try to f**k my shit up. In which case, you get wiped first! 
Red and blue clear cheaters. I find that lots of Grandmaster and Master level player are either allied or the same player with two accounts and they lure you into a 6 player game to reduce it to 3 and gang against you, so 2 on 1. Just like those two on the pic attached, red and blue.
@ ivor moyano, I cannot see the screen shot clearly - what are the players names?
Nevermind, I was finally able to see their names
Why do people feel the need to cheat?. It's sad that you have to take 2 plus other avatars to win. You think you're such a great player? Use only one like the rest of? #future mrs wood aka Jamie hertz and Chris woods playing in perfect unison and leaving borders unprotected? And johnna something or other. You three are losers or if you're one person. You are a pathetic human being!
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