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Waiting for host

People are cheating by freezing you out of the game. The "waiting for host" text appears and a player can only watch while the opponent attacks territories, unable to do anything about it. This problem makes the game feel like a complete wast of time

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I’m so tired of playing a master or grandmaster only to have my game frozen as I complete my win. This is truly infuriating and a waste of time considering good players would resort to this nonsense. I already am stuck playing only one human versus me and a couple computers to prevent the gang up cheater nonsense Fix these cheaters or refund my $$
Same has happened to me - particularly if I'm doing well
No signs of an update - only more time wasted. Waiting for host cake up this time after all troops were defeated. Thanks to user "keejus". This time screen didn't change after I beat him and kept telling me to draft. Obviously pointless because no one left to attack. Oh and when this big is fixed will you also adjust my rank that gets affected by this?
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End of next week will be 18th August - excellent, I can't wait !!

Do you have a list of all the fixes and improvements that have been made?

Rock On!

Good news. We will be releasing an update shortly that should help this issue. Let us know how it goes. It should be up by the end of next week


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Happened yet again, spent two hours playing a game, I'm just about to win (I'm intermediate, opponents an expert), and waiting for host ends the game - appalling. I hope Smg read this and sort it out, it's no coincidence. :(

Has happened to me a few times as well, just when I was about to win lol!

How exactly do the other players force this to happen?

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This just happened to me too. I had to clear my data and lost all my stats just to get it to clear off my device. I am so ready to delete this game. How do I get my money back?
I've had the same experience when I was close to obtain the victory! Is it possible to fix it?

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This has happened to me quite a lot recently but ONLY ever when I'm close to winning! I am very suspicious. It is ruining the game. I play honestly. This takes all of the fun out of it and I regret buying it.

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