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Cheating vs Exploit

You should be careful accusing someone of cheating.

 -Two players ganging up on you is NOT CHEATING!

- One player playing two accounts is NOT CHEATING!

- BOTS tough one, but still saying the BOT has no actual cheats but just another account to try and give the player an edge. Not much dif. then having a second account. Still saying this is NOT CHEATING!

I calls these exploiting a games feature, and impossible to stop.

I have hundreds of games logged in Risk, and have not seen one person actual cheat, as in roll sixes every roll, control the game so no one can move but only them, GOD mode where you can't hurt them, etc. NOT ONCE!

I do see many players trying to get an advantage with a second account, but honestly most of them suck and need two accounts.

I see many posts about cheating, but I challenge any of you, prove they actual have cheats vs just playing a second player who also is not cheating rather then playing dirty.

If you can't beat them, join them. If everyone plays with 2 accounts then we're all equal again! ;)
Oh and I have seen actual cheating other than a player getting more troops than they should. I have played games where somehow the person losing is able to cause the game to go back in time or take back turns. I'm not sure how they did it but it's happened more than once. They do this during my turn so effectively preventing me from making any serious play. I've also been forced out of a game by the game thinking that I had timed out and it tried to switch to an AI or that I had lost connection.

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Is there another platform.latest the so called xperts played 2 against 1 untill i destroyed 1 of them in turn 2 and they quit as usual.then as i was about to win it slowed my commands down so i couldnt take 14 men in 6 countries out in 60 secs .i still wad going to win so it just locked me out. Might think this was bad luck but it has happened to many times. I want to start a league with legit rankings and honest players not a bunch of punks
Matt you must be a Cheater. Anyone who says 1 player playing 2 accounts is not cheating does not know fair play. That logic would also mean 1 player plaiying 4 accounts against 1 player PLAYING 1 account and by the turn 1 being over after every 1 matt is playing has attacked the same guy and he doesnt even get 1 trade in... Well i guess that makes you an cheating and probanly couldnt win any other way. Im guessing you are 30 or younger
Fix the bugs or refund my money

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I just requested my money back after being victimized by the same thing... what bothers me... is how many games did this happen where I wasn't aware? Two accounts? Three accounts? vs just me... anyone who does this deserves whatever bad things that happen to them in life. These people remove the integrity in a fun environment and I would bet that they are for sure doing this in other areas of their life. I look down on these people. They are scum. Matt L. is scum.


SMG can place restrictions on how many times you can play with the same person in 'Global Domination'. Having a reward system that isn't random players playing each other is not fair. Or, SMG could notify potential players that others have a history of playing together, or SMG could force auto-matching and do so in a random pattern making some wait 1sec and others 15sec so the chance of getting your 2nd account in the wait list together would be lower. Don't tell me SMG can't do other things... Matt L. stop preaching your crap. Your suggest was to have users complain to the population/other players? That is a joke! Can SME eliminate it completely? No, but they can take steps to deter the activity... you think the lock on your door at home makes you safe Matt? They others here are asking SMG to put more locks on the door. lol criminals are criminals... scum is scum... they will get what they want. Welcome to reality Matt. It would be nice if you would join us. Same to all you other fairy-tailers who think winning with 2 accounts is a win... lol you are all a joke (Lou the Fist8, Libby Sr. 4)

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I am convinced that the only way a person reaches the ranking of Grandmaster is to be playing two or more accounts every time they play so they can double and triple up against their opponent(s). That is absolutely cheating and anyone who doesn't think so doesn't grasp the concept of cheating.

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I think it's cheating two expert players to sit in a game, wait for others to join, and then not attack one another to preserve their rankings--basically knock every one else out and then fight. In what sense is that not cheating? IDs and ranks should just be blind to everyone in the GD game.  Then we wouldn't have to wade through the people playing footsie.

Yeah using 2 account s is cheating dumbass

2 accounts is cheating. Matt L. should be under investigation. 

 I can't believe someone would even make the claim that it's not cheating. If you use 2 accounts, you have double the troops and 2 turns a round. If you were to play this game on the board and it was you against one other guy, but the other guy got to have 5 different sets of armies and you only get 1, how could you not possibly see that as cheating?

I do agree with you that most people who bother to use two accounts suck at the game. They get so preoccupied with trying to make sure both accounts get the top two positions that I end up blowing them away to the bottom. Top players like myself find cheating to be boring so we'd never do it. How can I challenge myself by attempting to gain an advantage? I'll admit I did it a couple of times "because I could" way back in the beginning but I quickly grew tired of it and stopped.

I wish there was a way to separate the risk play. You could remove the ranking from the current set-up and just let players do whatever they want. Then create an actual ladder system with ranking that requires registration and identifying yourself. If you get banned for cheating, that's it. you're done. There's a lot of people here who want challenging games and want to play other very good players. It sucks that we get mingled with these idiots that are trying to exploit the game and cheat.

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