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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Thanks I will do that in future
You need to submit a ticket so that SMG can take action. I don’t think just posting on forums is enough. Please submit ticket. I have submitted dozens of tickets on cheaters. It takes some time, but I do it every time because I hate letting these cheaters get away with it. What I really can’t figure out is what satisfaction do the cheaters get out of winning this way??? How is that fun for them?

 Haven't seen any cheaters for a while. I thought the latest updates might have done something to make it too difficult, but here's another example of multiple account cheaters.

The game was hosted by Henry the  Lion 4 - Expert Level (Red)

Other players were:

Joseph Dagher   - Master Level (Green)

Winston (ah yi) - Beginner Level (Blue)

and myself:

GPlayerKB - Expert Level (Red)

(Screen shot included below)

Red and Green are definitely cheaters, not sure about Blue.

I was lucky enough to be in a good position from start. Due to the random allocation of territories I had 3 of the 4 countires in South America, with decent numbers of troops in and nearby. Within round 1 I had full control of the continent.

Red requested an alliance which I ignored. He then attacked me knocking out much of my strength in S America. I was able to regain it, still with fairly decent strength.

From then on Red continued to all out attack me exclusively. So muich so that I was knocked out within the 1st 5 rounds, without even getting a chance to use any cards. At first I thought he was holding a grudge for refusing his alliance and hurting his army. So when I realised I was going to be knocked out I aimed to let one of the other players finish me off for my cards.

Once I was knocked out I realised Red and Green were deifinitely the same user or working together. Green swallowed up continents without making any attempts to defend. Red had multiple borders with enough troops to take out Green 1 troop and stop Green receiving continent bonuses for America and Europe but he didn't take them.

Once Blue was knocked out Green mopped up the Red territories to win. The game was over within 20 minutes. Without the support of 1 or 2 other players Green could never have usually reached master level playing like that. (Unfortunately I only took screen shots towards the end)

(96.2 KB)
Again I am sick of cheaters its really ruining the game I would like a refund as it has destroyed enjoyment for me and as I say ruins the game
Hans Diamond 10 and Hoyt Guillotine 2, to name but a couple of my most recent encounters with some truly sad wastes of skin. Havnt encountered clear cheating for a while until recently but it seems to be rearing it's ugly head once again. This is a direct message to the cheats as I'm sure some will probably check here to see if they get a mention, it's the kind of people they no doubt are - I honestly cannot fathom the point of what you do, do you seriously think anyone but you gives a flying crap about your RISK ranking? With that in mind are you happy that yours is only what it is because of foul play? It's really easy to win by cheating, I could do it, anyone could do it, but the majority choose not to because anyone with half a brain/modicum of self-esteem can see it is utterly pointless. I love this game and I'll keep playing because when I get a good honest game it's more than enough fun to keep me coming back for more. Have you considered actually trying to become a good risk player? It's far more satisfying. May I also suggest a girlfriend? Give it a try, they're great fun 
Beware Logan Taylor and Iron Reptile126 are 1 in the same....cheater playing on 2 devices.
I can't remember the last time I played against a cheat. I only ever host 6 player games and I usually kick every other person. So when 2 people join I kick the second and then wait for 2 more to join and then kick the second. Repeating until I have a full game of 6 and sometimes I kick someone just in case. I never play beginners and never play against multiple Grand Masters or Masters. Sometimes when 2 people are really passive I start to wonder if they're cheating, but in the end they do attack each other.

Birdie Rossi 6 & Sven Gudelj seem to be the same player.  All borders are protected by 1 piece at all times.  I hit one the other one immediately attacks me even though we were allies.  It is just not how two different players normally play.  Please check and suspend them.  I am quite sure they are on the same IP.  Impossible to get a fair game with cheaters. 

Sick and tired of playing a great game, then you come across grandmasters that play together usually with a novice that protects them. So obvious it is ridiculous they think you don’t know. Ruining the game

 @Mike Mcbride

There's a link to opening a new ticket at the top of this forum page (screen shot attached for reference). Fill in the form that opens up, providing the SMG team with as much detail as you can.

It helps if you take screen shots from your device as you encounter the problem mid game. Also describe step by step what was happening and what you were doing when the issue occured.

Also just raised this ticket pointing out how awkward and time consuming it is simplying raising tickets on this forum.

Does anyone else find it just as frustrating?


This isn't a feature request for any of your games. It is a feature request for this SMG Studio forum. Particularly for the way we raise tickets.

It is time consuming, which I would believe makes most users reluctant to raise tickets. Especially after they have gone through the process more than once.

I used to work in software development and testing, so I understand that a user ticketing system like this is cheaper than employing a horde of full time testers. And it pick's up those bugs that can inevitably still get missed no many how much pre-release testing is done. However, I can't believ that you want to actively discourage your users from reporting bugs or making suggestions.

I have raised a few tickets regarding hackers and multi account cheaters using the game RISK. This is the only product I raise SMG tickets for. The most frustrating part of raising the ticket is having to re-enter the details for OS, device, version number, user number. These details have not change since I first raised a ticket several months ago. I always play using the same device. I was expecting the version number to change regularly but it never does (suggesting you aren't releasing many updates or having a problem with version control).

If I raise a ticket from my PC, my browser remembers my previous entries and offers an auto populate value. My phone doesn't, it makes me re-input the values each time. Which means switching back and forth between browser and game screens checking the details (which sometimes crashes the game!). What I have started doing is sending the screen shots from my phone to my PC, then raising the ticket when I get around to it (or never).

Surely you can set your ticketing system to auto populate these fields? Recognise which user I am from my login details, then use my previous tickets to populate these fields once I select RISK from the "Which game" drop down menu?

I understand that the problem with this would occur when users play on different devices. But from the number of multi account cheaters on the platform, I think these are the people causing your problems not reporting them. And if you ever get round to changing your release number, you can set the auto populate to blank that field for re-input manually by the user.

Just my suggestion. But If something isn't done, I'm sure eventually I and many other users will just stop raising these time consuming tickets and then stop playing altogether.

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First Game in over Two weeks ruined by multi account cheaters again. What a suprise. Just raised the following Ticket:

Two account cheater:

Gabe Rougarou 10 (Red) - Expert Level
wies2 (Orange) - Master Level (Eventual winner)

Red set about focusing attacks on one player after the other, making no attempt to hold territories or continents. While the orange player held australia and built up a sizable force. 5 Player game, first green player was knocked out. Then blue became so dimished I think he just quit playing (I eventually finished him off myself to grab his cards).

I must admit, at first I took advantage of the situation. I was suprised red didn't attempt to attack me at all allowing me to gain Africa and South America. But then they both started ganging up on me and I realised they were working together, and had been ganging up on green and blue before me.

Once I was wiped out Red made a single token attach against orange. But by that point orange was holding nearly all the continents anyway, while red was very weak. Orange conquered the rest of the board in about 2 more turns.

You may say that they were just two seperate players working as allies. But no one leaves themselves as undefended as red did and makes no attempt at all to take a continent.

Screen shots:

1 and 2 - The 5 Players
3 - When I realised Red was playing eratically after ignoring me and abandoning a strong force in Europe to charge into North America.
4 - The only time Red attached orange, after orange had wiped me out


How do I report these cheaters! I went from a master to intermediate all because of hackers reversing games. Lost connection then the player receives all my troops when I cash in.
Cheater 1: Pointer Sophie, Grossmeister
Cheater 2: sbhur, Meister [Screenshot 1]
They play together from the beginning, not attacking each other.
But the final evindence is clearly given in the end, wenn there are only these two players remaining, then sbhur don't attack Pointer Sophie at all (although sbhur has 76 units to attack!!!), but waiting not doing anything, untill Pointer Sophie wins! [s. Screenshot2 & Screenshot3]
(1.29 MB)
(1.29 MB)

I have found the BEST way to deal with cheaters. Control the game, set it up for four players only make two of those players computer expert.Then I select only one opponent who is not a novice or beginner. This is the only way you can ensure against cheating unless there is hacking going on.It ends up being virtually a head-to-head battle so at least it’s fair
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