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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Rarely do I encounter actual obvious cheating but I just played two masters who attacked everyone but each other. No problem, I get alliances, but leaving one army on border with no attack! Then one attacks me with the intent to decimate my forces with no chance of taking me out, leaving himself decimated. No surprise the other so called master finishes me off. Love the game, hate the players who do not play to win for themselves (probably operating two accounts).
Ellie Gibster is a huge cheater.totally played multiple players - other players attacked with no chance to win just to reduce my armies when I was clearly winning....and then let Ellie run right through them...pitiful.
Go to play store and get new version. Super easy to report these guys now. Right where you block someone from communicating with you during the game (back side of player card) you click on report.
June 25th update info on the game said we can flag cheaters now using the player tray? I still dont see any option to report the cheaters? Please help me understand how to report cheaters! Thanks
I want to report green player, Kahlid_alqahtani. I believe he was also playing as #omaar_390. I have attached pics to support this. If you could review gameplay you will see the cheating. Thanks you.
I want to report Kahlid_alqahtani. He cheated in the last game I just played. Believe he was also playing as #omaar_390. If you watch the game play it is so obvious. This really pisses me off. Anyone know how I can make sure someone gets reported? Thanks for any help.
Trying to find where I actually make an official report or cheaters and cannot find it… Help please
CHEATER NAMES: "GILES GUPTA 7" and "RENEE SASSAFRAS 6" obvious cheaters either one person with two accounts or two people working together. It this bs is ruining the game!!!
Too many people cheating... is not fun any more.
Hakan Citak & Same Ucar Work together

Add Andrew Chepkins ("grandmaster") to the list of cheaters. He was down to 1 country and in 1 turn managed to turn in his cards, attack every country around him (no occupying forces moved in, leaving the countries "blank" during his turn.), and at the end of his turn, 17 troops magically appeared in each of the "blank" countries. As a result, he added probably 100 or so troops instantly and ended up so powerful, he couldn't be stopped.

Blatantly stupid cheating. He needs to be banned.

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Heres another cheater the robot he logged back into n used to get cards n insulate his territory
I don’t see much talk about cheaters that actually use hacking to freeze the game long enough to steal several turns. I’ve already been forced to play with computer opponents and one human to avoid the gang up cheaters but that isn’t even safe anymore. The LATEST cheater: Brooks Gumble 5 After watching him destroy my position and freeze my game I actually was able to come back after a restart and surprise him with a Last minute attack. THAT was how strong my position was before he stole three of my turns. By then I wasn’t able to overpower the computer player, but that’s OK. Stay away from this player, report other cheaters or demand your money back
Dear smg studios, f.u. guys seriously I dont play online games, except for this one only. I paid the stupid 5.99 or whatever it was for unlimited play. Im effing pissed off you allow these a-holes to cheat. I want my effing money back. You mf's are just ripping people off. To the f-ing cheaters you guys are bunch of p.o.s., the point of playing this stupid game is being competitive. This update didn't work for sh*t. Give me my money back you f-ck*ng douche bags.

Adding Reese Boomer 9 who is also Ivan Overkill 9 to this list of SHAME.  Arrogant enough to host an Expert and above level match just to improve his score.  

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