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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Another cheater with 2 accounts. William Kanako 4 is a principal account and his fake account is Enrico The Posh 4

More cheaters: More cheaters. Hectorles26 is a two device cheater. His dummy account is Niraya26. Throughout the game, they left the border between them between North and South America completely undefended, never attacking each other anywhere. While it seemed at first it might just be an alliance, it became clear at the end that it was a two device cheater. In the first picture attached, only the cheaters two accounts and I are remaining in the game. The dummy account (green) continues the strategy of attacking only me, but then stops and leaves my one territory so Red can get the cards on the next turn. In the next picture, Red has taken me out, but as you can see leaves himself completely undefended from Green, because in reality Red and Green are one player. As you can see, Green at this point has a significant advantage and is in a position to launch a devestating attack on Red. Instead, predictably, green never attacks again, allowing the “Master”to win. See the next two slides with Green having not moved. Ticket submitted. Everyone needs to keep submitting tickets on these cheaters until SMG can devise a way to prevent cheating.
I prefer elo over simple win percentages. Also the rankings are absolutely necessary in my opinion. They let players have a sense of how good they are, how far they’ve come, and how much better they could be. I’d prefer if I could see my actual rating (as in chess) and not just my place relative to others but the classes are at least a big picture view of that.
I think the point of posting on a public forum is to warn fellow players about cheaters to avoid. I find it helpful and have avoid players because of the posts on these forums. I still don’t see the benefit of ranks. There isn’t one honestly. I’d rather know how many games a player has played an win %. That would give me a better understanding of the quality of a player. I too find that games with multiple masters or grandmasters are often just cheaters playing with two accounts.

For reference, this is why we prefer not to give out information on the results of cheating reports. People tend to be unhappy if action isn't taken.

Guy, it is probably best not to post on the public forum information that could help cheaters not get caught.

- Phillip@SMG

Disappointingly, SMG declined to take any action against this cheater. The explanation was that “they” don’t do it “consistently.” So, it appears that just cheating once in a while is OK. Ugh.
Another one today: “Expert” Alfonso Nelson 2 is a two account cheater. His dummy account is Dana Chief 5. In the game in question, they were Purple and Yellow. Early in the game, Yellow defended the entrance to Australia while purple took control or it. Later, the cheating became more obvious. In the first attached screenshot you see Yellow positioned to prevent the Orange (a bot by this time) from spreading into Purple’s area. Yellow does not attack Australia, which Purple has left undefended. In the next picture, Yellow is again in a position to devastate Purple but does not, and Purple is proceeding with the obvious knowledge that Yellow is not a threat. In the next screenshot, all pretense is gone. Purple now has Asia and Yellow is actually helping to defend the border, rather than attacking easily. Finally, in the last picture, all other players are now eliminated. Predictably, at this point Yellow simply stops playing, despite having sufficient armies to attack. Yellow never attacked again and simply allowed Purple to win. I hate these people who use two devices to cheat. There has to be a way to stop this. Ticket submitted.
Awesome news. Thank you SMG and to you Guy for submitting the ticket! Hopefully, the player will think twice before cheating again!
I have been advised by SMG that in response to my ticket, they have reset the ranks of Dior Monk 2 and his dummy account Luigi Centurion 11. So, everyone please submit tickets on obvious cheats. Action is taken.
Hi Guy. I played against these two a short while ago and I 100% agree with you that person has 2 devices and is a cheater. A similar situation happened to me where it was obvious both of profiles working together to kill everyone else and one was feeding cards to the other. So I hope SMG will remove them from this game. It’s really no fun when there are so many cheaters! Glad you put a ticket in.
“master” Dior Monk 2 is a two account cheater with the other account under the name Luigi Centurion 11. The first attached screen shot shows them in the game together as Red and Green. Green repeatedly did not exploit its advantage to attack a vulnerable Red. Screen Shot number 2 shows Green in a strong position, but he did not attack Red in Defenseless South America. Screenshot 3 shows the status is the game immediately after I was eliminated by their joint effort. As you can see, Green is in the overwhelmingly dominant position. However, I stayed around in observation mode, and, predictably, Green then immediately stopped attacking and simply allowed Red to to win (undoubtedly controlled by one person). This is demonstrated by the remaining two screenshots. I have submitted a ticket. Second cheater nabbed today. Cheating has become rampant and is ruining the game.

Yes, for reference everyone. If the ticket is set to resolved, that means the investigation is complete and action has or has not been taken depending on the outcome. We reserve the right to keep the outcomes of the investigation private.

So if you think your report hasn't been looked at, check the ticket status again.

- Phillip@SMG

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I didn’t see the response for cjohnson596, from phillip@SMG, until just now. It looks like cheaters are being punished and SMG is doing something about it. Thank you SMG! Everyone needs to just put in a ticket for SMG.
I feel for you Scottmj1990. Same thing happened to me. I sent in a ticket and put the names on here. SMG really needs to do something about all the cheating in this game or they will end up losing many good, honest players. Better luck Scottmj1990.
You got a big fish! That player is in the top ten on the leaderboard. Be sure to send in a support ticket and SMG will take the appropriate action.
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