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Tired of cheating, done playing at all.

Went from expert to beginner. Maybe one or two games are legit . I set rules for alliances but every game since i achieved rank had cheaters. illegal allinances, wont attack each other and gang up. total B.S I report, but my ranking keeps falling. I should get credit for victory and ranking restored. done playing until cheating gets resolved

If your ranking hasn't been restored, either:

A) The players weren't cheating.

B) The staff haven't gotten to that report yet (hundreds are filed every week)

C) It wasn't a noticeable amount of ranking points

Hi there! If you're definitely sure those weren't alliances, here are three tactics to avoid cheating:

1. Play Automatch, people can't cheat in Automatch.

2. Play 1v1 games.

3. When you play more than two-player games, steadily increase the player limit from two to 6 so that you don't get two cheaters joining.

Automatch is just as bad. Boring to just play 1 on 1. I will try the adding one at a time. But Im done playing for a while. I report it while its occuring and nothing is done. I should not have to fall in ranking due to cheaters. I set specific rules for no alliances and watch people not attack each others.

You shouldn't have to fall in ranking due to cheaters. Your reports are reviewed and cheaters are banned. There is nothing else we can do, we ban cheaters that are reported.

so why isnt my ranking restored? Ive fallen in rankings. I dont like automatch because they allow alliances I dont mind alliances, but a lot of people make them and turn on you. It is war but cheating us B.S., its just a game. Hopefully it gets figured out.
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