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I've been banned

So, basically, I hadn't read the rules.

We used to play in Global Domination with some friends,  taking into account that we didn't want to abuse such posibilities anyways, but not wanting to play a game with just 3 people.

And without a warning, I'm banned. Which is fine. I'm not here to complain, I think it's fair. I should've read the rules or simply expect that anyways.

But I just haven't found information about what constitutes a ban: Are bans permanent? Can I appeal for this to act as a warning?

Best Answer

You can appeal a ban via support ticket


You can appeal a ban via support ticket

I just read I can simply make a new account, and transfer purchases. How do I go about that?

I'm not sure about the purchase transfer, depends what platform you are on.

i was looking through my steam account today and i saw that i have one ban on record.

after reading the rules i was still not sure why i was banned

 how can i get my account back and my purchases ?

there is a chance that i was reported by the players who were actually collaborating and i wasn't playing with any friends

You can, as I said, fill out a support ticket for that :)

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