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Can the rolls of the dice be hacked? If so does this happen often? I just finished a game (lost) and the rolls of the dice seemed way off. On 3 separate battles vs the same player twice on offense and once on D I lost the rolls of the dice so badly it does not seem possible. I have not reported the player I suspect yet, came here first to ask about it. On offense I had 14 armies to 3 on D I won the territory moving 1 armies in lost 12 armies to opponents loss of 3. 2nd time I had 12 armies to opponents 3 did not win territory it ended with each of us with 1 army. 3rd time I was on D wi ty h 29 armies opponent attacked with 14 beat me and moved 3 armies in. Are hacks on rolls of the dice possible? Was this just real bad luck or was I cheated. Dice were set on random .

Three possibilites (dice hacks don't exist - haven't for 2 years since the game fixed clientside dice calculation)

1. You remember bad rolls a lot more than good rolls - perhaps you got some good rolls too that you don't remember

2. You're playing True Random

3. You just happened to have some bad luck, it's not that unlikely if you use the risk odds calculator here:

Thank you Eric,  

That is why I asked before reporting, dice were on true random, just a run of bad luck it must have been.

Ahhh, yeah True Random is notoriously sketchy sometimes

Most players use Balanced Blitz

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