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Unfair Results

Been playing a while now. Seems quite often higher ranking individuals get the better territories, more favorable cards, and battle outcomes. Im close to not playing anymore. Example just finished game where master ranked indvidual gets 30 armies in 3 turns with I have 20. He wins battle 18 left. He loses 12 I lose 20, plus gets idea cards. This happens quite often. They also get favorable territories, more in a land area or greater numbers to allow quicker build up. Game needs to be more balanced and fair. Unrealistic dice rolls are common.

> Better territories, more favorable cards, and battle outcomes
Territory starts are entirely random, so are cards. Battle outcomes depend only slightly on luck, they're mostly strategy.
> Unrealistic dice rolls
If you're playing True Random mode you'll get that, I recommend Balanced Blitz

Well look at my stats. I've played a lot of games. Im fed up with watching experts get all the breaks. Its not as random as you think. Maybe they found a way to cheat.

 > something not to be going on

Well what do you think is going on then?

Here's a list of some things you can do to avoid cheaters:

1. Play Automatch, people can't cheat in Automatch.

2. Play 1v1 games.

3. When you play more than two-player games, steadily increase the player limit from two to 6 so that you don't get two cheaters joining.

I highly, highly doubt that, the game is very secure in that manner. I, for one, have actually seen the opposite: Random novices destroying my Capital in a 3v7 roll, killing my ranking.

well riddle me this. I played 2 games in a row where I created rules both with no alliances allowed. However both games had experts and neither one attacked each other. They were either the same player or knew each other. Also I've played alot of games and cant get higher than intermediate. Even then I go on a losing streak and get knocked down in ranking. Sorry, this game is rigged and there is cheating going on and im not playing it anymore until its addressed.

> Experts and neither one attacked each otehr
Yes! Those are probably cheaters, so you should report them with the ingame report button, we ban those people!
That's not anything to do with higher players having better dice rolls.

The game isn't rigged, do you seriously think the game would specifically be programmed to prevent you from moving up!?

No, im not that paranoid to think its out to get me specifically. But cheating is more rampant than you want to admit. To many coincidences for something not to be going on.
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