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AI only attacks me. No matter what!

I am so sick of this game! Every single game I play, players will drop out. When the computer takes over they attack me relentlessly while leaving the other human player unscathed. It doesn't matter how many troops I put up. The AI will attack 12 against my 13 rather than 12 against other players 5. This is every single game. It is impossible to win while being attacked constantly. You cannot keep up. I paid for this game! I did not pay to be cheated! What a waste of money!

So what is your rational explanation for this phenomenon? That the AI disproportionately attacks specifically you in games? I don't see how this could coding-wise be possible.

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Hey Eric, my "rational explanation" is the AI is fucking broke and awful.

He probably hasn't played enough to understand the "personalities" right?  Or that when an AI is near you you either have to kill it or get the hell away because it won't try to conquer won't show any tactical won't make any strategic will just attack whoever the hell is nearest. 

Oh...wait.....unless it's "personality" is timid then it just sits there fortifying every turn and letting players do what they want.  I love those bots.

How many people do you need to complain about how terrible the AI is before you quit acting like it's not a huge issue?

The AI is broken and it ruins games.  There's your "rational explanation".

Now cue the excuses for why a game people PAY for that is 5 years old still has completely broken AI.

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I hear you Justin.  Apparently SMG thinks the AI is fine.

I've complained to them about it for but all you get are excuses.

The best "strategy" is to stay the hell away from the bot if it's aggressive.  If someone bots out just get away from them because as sure as shit they will start attacking everything around them.

There are apparently different "personalities" programmed into the bots which is why some just sit there doing nothing and others will attack everything in sight.  They're all really really really dumb though and they fuck up games all the time.

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Jason Allen, Thank you for responding the way you did! It is absolutely ridiculous. As you said, every once in a while it'll pass turns on and on fortifying. But when its aggressive, it absolutely relentlessly attacks me, and me only. Perhaps I should take video of it. What angers me most is that no matter what I do to try and get it to attack the other direction (my opponents) by fortifying troops in a strategic fashion, No luck. It will actually move around my opponents to attack me. And as you know, my "Human" opponents enjoy this luxury and become unstoppable. I will certainly take your advice in my next games. But it is very very dumb.

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I have had several that seemed to lock onto me and attack me over and over. One actually followed me across the map. I had one other time where an AI attacked me, in a seemingly intelligent way, not like normal AL. I asked if it were possible for players to hack the AI and was told it wasn’t possible but that’s the only explanation I can come up with. Like I said in my earlier post I was told that there are different AI personalities, maybe one “personality” is one that gloms onto one player and relentlessly attacks that person? But the AI is definitely broken.

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Yep, the AI is appalling. I dread players dropping out mid-game or, even worse, not confirming at the game start. Totally ruins games with the AI taking and then randomly abandoning continents, attacking random territories and sporadically plonking troops down without any apparent strategy. The only thing you can ever do is leave it alone all game and hope it attacks your opponents and not you, or hope one of the other human players is daft enough to attack it. Numerous updates over the years have promised AI improvements but I’ve yet to see one.

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Hey Eric....tell me the "rational explanation" for this:

  I just lost a game where it came down to me, Orange and a bot.

Orange had about a 20 troop advantage over me and was about equal to the bot.  So Orange (wisely) attacked me and he was down to about 20 troops, I was down to 1 troop and the bot controlled NA and SA.

So what does the bot do?  Does it attack orange, you know because he was the only real threat?  Does it shore up it's boarders to protect it's bonuses? Does it try to take me out?  Nope, it just attacks a single territory and then fortifies but leaves it's borders WIDE OPEN!

I traded in cards and had 12 men.....I cut through Orange, hoping that I'd get luck and the bot would actually attack Orange (dare to dream right?) ....Orange tries to take me out but can't so he takes Australia and Asia.  He only has 3 troops at the border between NA and Asia, the bot has 8 troops....the border between Asia and Europe only has a few troops.

So the next turn the bot collects 12 troops and does the bot attack Asia to take away the bonus?  Nope, even though the bot had an 8 to 3 troop advantage at the Asian/NA border....even though it had just gotten 12 men and could have plowed through Europe and into Asia it just attacked some random territory in Africa........then fucking PULLED 20 troops back in SA so it couldn't even attack with them!

I mean maybe I would have lost the game anyway but goddamn it's infuriating losing because of broken AI!  And the reason there was a bot is because a player didn't confirm!

"I don't see coding wise how this could be possible" do you Eric?  I mean AI that's this fucking bad and completely broken?

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That's what just happened to me Billy.  Someone didn't confirm and they botted out. 

Then at the end even though the bot literally had a 4-1 advantage in troops (roughly 80 to Orange's 20) and the bot controlled NA and SA the bot allowed Orange to take over Asia and Australia and HOLD Asia and Australia.

I hard is it to program AI in 5 years that KNOWS BASIC STRATEGY?

Earlier in the game the bot had just been fortifying when it could have taken over Africa too. 

It's just ridiculous how bad the AI is.

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Jason, Billy, That I know is infuriating! I'm a lamen when it comes to AI or Coding, But I feel like I noticed something in my last game where someone dropped out. I allow alliances in my games, and it turned out a player dropped out that I had an alliance with. The bot that took over for the first time I can remember attacked my opponents! YES! I was in awe! Do you think there could be any significance to that? Having an alliance with a player when they drop out (even though it say they have broken their alliance with you) could it be possible the Bot knows this?

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If a may add to this, Another consistent issue I find is my trading in cards. I almost always have to wait til I have 5 cards to trade in. And while I keep the cards fixed rather than progressive, I always get short ended gaining 6 or 8 troops while my opponents trade in atb3 consistently and get the full 12 troops. Is there something you know of that I'm not getting right? Or is it just bad luck?

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 That's probably just bad luck.  It can seem like sometimes you always have to wait until you have 5 cards before you can trade in.

I've never had a game where I thought the cards were being manipulated, at least that I can remember.

I just found out if you go to settings and turn off animations you move a lot faster when conquering territories.  I've been playing this game for 2-3 years now and I never knew that.  Judging by the fact that most of my opponents are moving slowly they didn't know it either.

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I have noticed players moving faster. Great tip. Thank you!

Yeah Justin I just had another game where 2 people didn't confirm.  I had taken over Africa early but was surrounded by bots so I left Africa to and moved my biggest troop cluster to NA.  On it's next turn one of the bots followed me with it's biggest cluster of troops, like it was Pac-Man gobbling up my trail of troops.  I then fled NA over to Asia and it followed me there too. 

I finally got rid of it but it literally followed me around the map for several turns. 

The other bot had taken over Australia early in the game and what does it do?  It takes it's biggest group of troops from Australia and fortifies them in some random territory in Asia so the player next to Australia just walked in and took it over.

I swear is it too much to ask that the AI at least understands the concept of defending or attacking continent borders?

I guess we all just have to accept that the AI is complete trash.

Hey Eric, a bot had 28 troops in one territory because it just kept fortifying turn after turn after turn even though the blue player had taken over the Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. The fucking bot JUST SAT THERE FORTIFYING. What’s your “rational explanation for this phenomenon”? I don’t see how this could be possible coding wise, do you? I mean.... how could a five year old game have such shitty.....worthless....pitiful AI? Get back to us Eric you seem to have disappeared.
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